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Seiyuu Spotlight #1 – Nana Mizuki


声優 • スポットリト 第一語: 水樹奈々

Behind every human and non-human voice lies a real life individual.  In anime, we call them seiyuu.  With the burgeoning of the anime industry some of these seiyuu have garnered fandom of epic proportions.

Today, I would like to feature one of these seiyuu in our first Seiyuu Spotlight.  Like any seiyuu, Nana Mizuki is talented.  Just how talented, I am about to explain.

From the music video of Blood-C's ending piece

If you have been reading this blog, you are, by now, familiar with the anime Blood-C.  Nana Mizuki is the voice behind Saya, the lead character of Blood-C as well as the singing voice behind the show’s ending theme.

Throughout her ongoing seiyuu career, she has had some rather interesting roles spanning from voicing extras, lead and secondary roles in some major hits, and even as a panty-flashing schizophrenic vampire.

In addition, oddly enough, she almost became the only seiyuu to portray two different characters in two different anime that almost share the same first and last names, as Rin Ogata in Rideback and Rina Ogata in White Album.  Of course, such coincidences are mere amusements and with enough voice credits on your back, it is typical to have played many characters with the same names.  (Her current role as Saya in Blood-C would make it the second time she has voiced an unrelated character named Saya)  Another oddity is having been credited in voicing a Nana Suzuki but then too is not as rare as one thinks.

But what really sets apart Nana Mizuki as a seiyuu is that she is incredibly talented as a singer.  The new trend since the late 80s is the participation of the voice actors and actresses in singing the themes of their shows.  So, it is almost a faux pas not to be able to carry yourself in a tune, but Nana Mizuki set the bar much higher.

Currently, she is the highest selling, according Oricon, (a more native version of the the Billboard charts for Japan) of all the voice actors.  As an enka-trained professional, when it comes to letting her vocal cords roar, she really lets it rumble.  She not only possesses vocal strength but she is also able to maintain accuracy and consistency in her live performances.

What is probably even more admirable in her case is that she has yet to leave the voice acting realm but has rather embraced it into her fame, unlike some other highly famed voice actress not to be named here.

As a bonus to her fans and those who prefer a more interesting computing environment, Nana was chosen as the official voice actor for the Microsoft Windows 7 distribution in Japan with special editions that featured a fictional Windows anthropomoprh Nana Madobe featuring Nana Mizuki’s voice as a Windows Theme.

Whether she’s voicing a ballerina turned mecha-fighter (Rideback) or a former idol turned producer who seduces a mentee’s boyfriend (White Album) or a schizeophrenic vampire flashing her panties every other second (Rosario + Vmapire) or a lullaby humming ditzy ankle length hair vampire slayer (Blood-C,) Nana Mizuki is and always will be a superb seiyuu and an outstanding singer.

Listen to her singing voice here:

The more live version of Blood-C’s ending piece.  She is, by far, one of the best live performers as well.