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Persona 4 The Animation Episode 10


Love Shack/Shot Through the Heart

Rise’s Shadow dungeon resembles a garish strip club; and her Shadow sure knows how to work the pole. It also sports multiple clones, each representing different facets of Rise’s superidol personality, something which aptly reflects the expected refraction of her publicly projected (and also her self-) image that comes with being a performer.

When Rise refuses to accept her other selves, her Shadow transforms into a rainbow-colored humanoid entity with the ability to analyze each of their individual Personae’s attributes and retaliate with a diversified spectrum beam attack (although any way you look at it, it’s rainbow-colored) tailored to their weaknesses. To make matters worse, it can strike from a distance, attacking multiple targets if not all of them simultaneously.

If Rise were a narcissist she'd have no problem here

Though they try to take preemptive action to bring it down quickly, their attacks are repelled and the entire team suffers critical damage. The Shadow redoubles its attack, intending to annihilate everyone along with their Personae in one final blast, when Kuma steps in and intervenes.

Fortunately, he is immune to the Shadow’s scan abilities and deflects the blast eating the full brunt of the beam as he forces it back on the Shadow, causing its cannon mechanism to misfire and explode. Though Kuma is exhausted, the effort saves everyone and incapacitates the Shadow for Rise to properly acknowledge it as a part of herself. Having come to terms with her struggle over her personal identity, Rise receives her Persona.

Shadow of the Beast

Easy, right? A little too easy apparently. Kuma’s Shadow suddenly materializes, an overgrown behemoth of a bear that dwarfs even Kanji’s Persona. Kuma’s Shadow’s true form is even bigger and seems to subscribe to some sort of radical hypermodern nihilism, dismissing any concept of a true self as meaningless. As it spouts metaphysical rhetoric to the confusion of everyone, it begins swallowing Kuma and everything else into the gaping void where its face should be. Kuma is pulled into a vast nothingness, much like the theoretical Dirac Sea; and, after challenging the Shadow’s claims that any search for truth and identity is inherently futile, asserts his self-worth and his desire to continue living to find his own meaning. Meanwhile, Rise and Yu coordinate their efforts from the outside to help defeat the Shadow. Escaping, Kuma also gains his Persona.

Back at the tofuya, Rise tells Yu she is glad she came to Inaba because she finally feels she’s found a place to belong. With that, she plans to stay and help with their investigation.

The epilogue reveals the killer has struck again, killing his latest victim since Konishi Saki.

Going My Way

Two Persona battles this week. Without knowing details about the flow of events in the game, I can only feel this episode felt rather rushed. We’re already on episode 10 with only two scheduled episodes remaining, and junior detective-in-training Naoto has yet to officially join the team, let alone “join the cool kids’ club.” I’m curious as to whether there will be a continuation to follow or if AIC will rush to wrap things up as, at this point, Yu and company still don’t have the slightest clue as to the killer’s identity. Waiting and watching while monitoring appearances on the Midnight Channel will only go so far without any concrete information to go on. If only they had the cooperation of someone with the investigative ability and insightful powers of deduction to come up with a solid lead, they could stand a better chance of cracking the case. But where would they ever possibly find someone like that…?


As evidenced in the opening scenes, where he doesn’t even pause to pick his jaw up off the floor, Yu is quite taken with Rise. With the way she latches on to his arm at the end, cooing with delight it’s pretty clear she likes him as well. It seems along with leveling his normal attributes, Yu has been secretly racking up some major stat bonuses towards Charm and Charisma. Not bad for a guy who doesn’t believe in smiling, the lucky bastard.


Persona 4 The Animation Episode 8


Narukami Yu. Nothing fazes the guy. He gets kicked off a thirty-foot drop-off and doesn’t so much as blink.

The Great Outdoors/For the Love of Curry

With springtime comes warmer weather; lighter, more revealing seifuku and the school camping trip, a rare chance to enjoy some time away from Inaba in the company of schoolmates without the pressures of classes, grueling exams or talking bear-like entities. Of course that doesn’t mean they can escape the useless supervision of certain meddling members of the school faculty and the hazards of their idiotic behavior. But first thing’s first: any overnight school trip wouldn’t be complete without packed meals, but who needs that when you can cook outdoors?

Yu, Yosuke, Chie and Yukiko team up for the event and quickly settle on curry as their team’s meal choice. Yosuke is none too thrilled when he finds out the main activity of the trip will be trash disposal around the site, but the mere mention of the opportunity to swim in the river sends him into a frenzy as he runs off on his own quest. He finally returns some time later, but both he and Yu are content to leave shopping for ingredients to Chie and Yukiko. Because, you know, all girls know how to cook. Because they’re girls. Right?

Yosuke learns first-hand the importance of not making assumptions of cooking ability based on gender when he finally tastes the curry Chie and Yukiko made, with Yu tragically joining him as a senseless follow-up casualty. After Yu and Yosuke experience a less than pleasant run-in with Konishi Naoki (Yonaga Tsubasa), younger brother of Konishi Saki, Kanji finds the pair and leads them back to Chie and Yukiko, where they find Aika’s delivery has saved them again. There Kanji explains how he knew Naoki from childhood but can’t shed more light on the surviving Konishi sibling’s situation since his sister died. Kanji decides to fetch Naoki himself so the group can ask him about his circumstances directly. He is grateful for their frankness and explains how he is treated with kid-gloves at school and home which frustrates him to no end.







Later, they work through inconsistencies in their theories about the incidents over trash pickup but Moro-King interrupts before they can make any real progress. They decide to focus on monitoring the Midnight Channel, as every victim appeared on television prior to being targeted.

Nightfall finds Yu and Yosuke uncomfortable with the idea of sleeping in the same tent with Kanji. When he stomps off to prove his manhood, his rash intrusion on Chie and Yukiko cause them to spend the night with Yu and Yosuke. In the morning, Yosuke is able to get the girls to change into the swimsuits he bought from Junes but fails to lure them into the water when he misspeaks complimenting the girls’ figures. the mistakes proves costly when all three boys are unceremoniously shoved off the towering ledge into the frigid waters below where they quickly find themselves in danger of being “soiled.” All’s well that ends well though, as the trip comes to an end with no expulsions, deaths by curry or youthful indiscretions in the dark… or were there? In closing, Yu, Yosuke, Chie and Yukiko look on as Kanji is almost confessed to brutally rejected by his alleged tryst of the previous night as a parting token of a thoroughly memorable trip. Ah, youth!

And in the Morning, My Pants were Gone and I had This Splitting Headache…

So what’s the deal with Yosuke? Buying ladies’ swimwear to have on-hand and then forcing female acquaintances to wear them in opportunistic situations. Nothing good can come of this. Yosuke will no doubt become a very, very dangerous man. If he isn’t already.

Aika-chan is awesome. She really should have been a main character (more Aoi Yuuki is always a good thing). No takeout service can match Aika-chan’s ability to deliver anywhere and everywhere. Any chance she’ll consider making trips for international orders?

Persona 4 The Animation Episode 7


"Suspicious Tropical Paradise," the guy says. Somehow, I'm not tempted.

Rocky Horror Picture WHAT?

A very flamboyant Tatsumi Kanji appears on the Midnight Channel as Yu and Yosuke watch with no small discomfort. Yu, Yosuke, Chie and Yukiko return to the Shadow realm, and though they try to enlist Kuma’s aid to find Kanji’s location, he is at a loss. The foursome decide to withdraw for the time being to return with something that has Kanji’s scent for Kuma to track. Unfortunately, they find he hasn’t been home lately but in the process also learn that he also had his reasons for taking on the biker gang. To their greater surprise, they discover he actually has a caring, compassionate side that belies both his intimidating appearance and reputation.







Borrowing one of Kanji’s handmade crafts, they prepare to reenter the Shadow realm when they encounter Naoto in the lobby of Junes. Naoto suggests Kanji is probably hiding a complex he wants to keep secret from others. When the group returns to the Shadow realm, they bring the trinket to Kuma, who with renewed confidence in his tracking leads them to the dungeon where Kanji is located: a bathhouse, “Men’s Only,” of course.

Yu and Yosuke balk, with Yosuke in particular protesting on grounds of “losing something important.” Spurred on by Chie, the group enters and immediately finds Kanji’s Shadow, whose obscenely florid posturing provokes both Yu and Yosuke to summon their Persona on reflex. Chie restrains them at first, until the Shadow’s antics prove too annoying for her as well and eventually even Yukiko, when Chie draws a comparison between the two.

When they pursue the Shadow to the inner “Tropical Paradise,” predictably, no one wants to open the doors to a potentially mind-scarring Pandora’s Box that almost certainly lies beyond the doors so Chie volunteers the guys into taking the initiative, shoving them through.

See, THIS is what happens when you DON'T KNOCK

Much better. Yukiko and Chie, sprawling helpless in the lube: do want!!

They are met by the sight of Kanji, demanding answers, pinning his Shadow to the ground in a somewhat compromising posture, filling them all with profound regret for having walked in on the sight. Kanji, realizing their presence, becomes flustered as his Shadow begins a new round of taunting and eventually tricks Kanji into denying his inner self. The Shadow begins transforming into its true form -a colossal, hulking monstrosity, accompanied by two… well, whatever you call these two:

The three-fold Shadow threat demonstrates amazing resilience to any direct onslaught and easily repels the combined efforts of all four Persona with powerful electric attacks. Meanwhile, Yu and Yosuke are subjected to an altogether different “attack” administered by the two bald titans. Later, Yu encourages Kanji when he calls kanji’s handmade crafts “cute,” giving Kanji the resolve to take down the Shadow, and earn his Persona. Later, Kanji joins the team, lending his aid in the investigation.

Morning After

… … …Yaranaika? I know I’m repeating a joke I used last week but Kanji is so exploitable.

With Not-So-Tiny Tim on their side, the Gang of Four become a Gang of Five. Anyway, Kanji’s Persona looks totally badass. There are huge advantages to having a juggernaut who can be summoned at-will at your disposal though still, Yu gets all the really cool toys for himself. That Wild Card is pretty sweet. One thing that seemed strange was Naoto still has yet to be officially introduced by name, but he strikes me as the kind of character who likes being mysterious.

Note: Since more than half the episode takes place in Kanji’s Shadow’s bathhouse dungeon, most everything is cloaked in a thick fog of humidity. It made getting reasonably clear snapshots a real pain but what can you do.

Persona 4 The Animation Episode 6


This is the story of a meeting of destiny, and the bonds of fate…

No, not their meeting.

Well, perhaps we should start at the beginning. Rumor has it Tatsumi Kanji (Seki Tomokazu) can smash through a hundred guys in a hurly burly knock-down, drag out free-for-all before you can equip your knuckledusters. Chances are he’ll probably smash your face in if you were to look at him wrong, or maybe… he’ll just bake you some cookies. That is, if you happen to be a certain waifish lad in a newsboy cap with soft, androgynous features but we’ll come back to that.

Entering freshman Kanji has gained the ignominious distinction of becoming the de facto resident bad-ass of Yasogami High. Tall and imposing, his menacing glare is usually sufficient to send more timid classmates scurrying for cover, giving him a wide berth. But for all his bulk and fearsome demeanor, Kanji is actually not all he seems, as Yu evidences when stumbling upon a suspiciously cute item Kanji drops in the school hallway.

Such is the first clue to the aspects of Kanji’s personality that until now have been kept as well-guarded secrets. In the meantime, Yu indulges the opportunity to entertain little cousin Nanako by taking her along to Junes when Chie drops by to invite him to hang out with the others.

A comedic scene follows where Yosuke is demoralized by Yukiko’s blunt opinion of Junes in general and Chie’s cooking ability is called into question. The group’s next meeting proves more serious as Yosuke leads a discussion piecing together the connections between the victims involved in the disappearances/murders that had previously occurred, leading them to the Shadow realm; and Yu theorizes the Midnight Channel serves as a kind of warning to alert them to who will be targeted next.

On the next rainy evening, Yu monitors the Midnight Channel and catches sight of a blurry silhouette in a familiar likeness. The foursome meet again to discuss the previous evening’s Midnight Channel event and agree the figure that appeared was most likely Tatsumi Kanji.

Chie is shocked to learn Yukiko has known Kanji for some time, as her family’s inn has had a long-standing arrangement selling wares from his family’s textiles shop.

They decide to visit Kanji’s family shop, where they encounter the yet unnamed stranger in blue, Shirogane Naoto (Paku Romi), who seems to be interested in findings answers in his own investigation. As he leaves he catches Yu’s attention before he notices a scarf identical to one he had seen before in the Shadow world belonging to murder victim Yamano.

... ... ...Yaranaika?

Leaving the shop, the group witnesses Naoto talking with with a flustered Kanji streetside; and they decide to observe him secretly from a nearby hiding place, although Kanji spots them, forcing them to flee.

I think we've seen something we shouldn't have.

Yu comes to the conclusion since Kanji is likely the next victim and that they should continue to monitor him and the textile shop in the event the murderer appears. When they spot the pair again talking the next day after school, the group splits up to cover Kanji himself while keeping watch on the family shop. Sensing Yukiko’s nervousness, Yu calms her, allowing her to feel comfortable enough with him to confide she and Chie enjoy his (and Yosuke’s) company.







Meanwhile, Yosuke and Chie continue following Kanji and Naoto until Chie’s hunger gets the better of her -to the point she orders takeout on the street. The operation falls apart when Kanji discovers Yosuke and Chie, sending them fleeing in panic, gathering Yu and Yukiko along the way as they eventually outrun Kanji.


When I get my hands on you kids...

Though the group fails to gain any intel from their surveillance efforts this time around, Chie gets her happy ending as she gets to enjoy her takeout on the go.

GOAL!!! —STAGE CLEAR— Please Wait… Saving…
Please Do Not Reset or Turn Off the Game Console.

New Achievements Unlocked! Continue > (A)

Deja Vu: It may be only my imagination but, so help me, the impression I came away with at the end of the episode was that it all felt eerily reminiscent of a certain gang of Western junior crime-busting sleuths that may (not) be familiar. You may disagree, but that is the humble opinion of the author.

Smooth Operator: Yu knows how to put a girl at ease and succeeds in scoring Yukiko’s number -even if it is just for sake of the investigation. The score stands, Yu: 1, Yosuke: 0

Hey, What’s With the Elephant?: Chie lets the cat out of the bag, inadvertently blurting out what has been on everyone’s mind since the start of the episode.

Run Circles Around You in My Sleep: It’s surprising this group hasn’t been recruited by the track team. All four of them manage to keep pace with a speeding motorscooter as they handle cash exchange and receiving Chie’s takeout order -all while outrunning Kanji, who in a real comedic twist becomes ironically irrelevant.

So from the preview it seems the next episode should continue the unfolding saga of a boy coming to terms with his “true” identity and his burgeoning feelings for– oh, I mean, Kanji will confront his Shadow self. That should be interesting.

Persona 4 The Animation Episode 5


Discover a Lovelier Yu! Hello, Farewell My Fantastic Plastic Koibito

So it seems Rise isn’t quite yet ready to show up yet. No Persona battles or visits to the Shadow realm this week (the murderer seems to be on vacation or something): the protagonists seem preoccupied in building social links (explained in brief by Margaret during the prologues), so instead we are treated to… typical high school life drama and angst. At least there’s a juicy catfight featuring Hanyuu vs Elsie.

With Yukiko safe, Yu, Chie, and Yosuke are glad to enjoy the calm routine of normal school activities. Upon learning Yu isn’t attached to any clubs, Chie asks him to accompany her to the basketball club, where he is enthusiastically received by the club leader Ichijou Kou (Ono Daisuke). He summarily inducts him to help make up for the lack of members. Yu also meets Ebihara Ai (Itou Kanae), the team’s apathetic manager who observes practice with casual indifference and barely even bothers to show half the time, dismissing herself when she pleases.







On another day, Yu runs into Ai, who invites him to skip class under the pretense of helping buy things for the team. She spends the day dragging Yu from one fashion boutique to another and takes a liking to the stoic Yu, remarking he is different from other boys. Later during practice, Ai overhears the team talking about her behind her back. Concerned, Yu rushes after her. She confesses she has a crush on Kou, enlisting Yu’s help to find out who he is interested in and is deeply disappointed to find he secretly likes Chie. Yu subsequently prevents her from flinging herself from the school rooftop. His kindness moves her and she confesses he has alot of ideal traits. Ai decides to make Yu her boyfriend until she can find someone who will love her.

The relationship puts a noticeable strain on Yu, who patiently endures Ai’s selfish demands to skip class to go on dates and her constant need for attention. His sudden uncharacteristic, irresponsible behavior worries Chie, who disapproves of the relationship. She especially dislikes that it has distracted Yu from helping with their investigation into the bizarre murders and disappearances. Displaying brilliant skills of misinterpretation, Yosuke brings her to the basketball team’s practice session and volunteers her as a tryout for club manager. Although Chie repeatedly tries to convince Yosuke he is clearly misunderstanding something, Kou accepts her membership and in the end Chie agrees to do what she can to help.

After practice, Kou confides in Yu he intends to quit basketball after one last game, making it imperative he win so he can confess to Chie. At the game, Ai takes offense at Chie’s presence and continues to harass her until she challenges Ai’s selfish treatment of Yu. The confrontation soon turns physical as Ai’s jealousy boils over, causing an all-out slap fest between the two. Yu stops the fighting when he reveals the match may very well be Kou’s last game. Ai watches Kou nervously from the sidelines as the team takes a hard loss.

At dinner, Kou thanks Yu personally for helping him come to the realization he loves the game and will keep playing (and reveals his renewed motivation to win so he can eventually confess to Chie); Ai releases Yu from being her boyfriend and also thanks him for inspiring her to apply herself seriously as manager and assures him she will be alright on her own.

After the credits Yukiko meets up with the others. As a group they mutually decide to take on investigating the disappearances to the Shadow realm, relying on their newfound powers and each other.


Social link get! As the credits say, “bonds of people is the true power.”

Since the start of this series, I couldn’t help but think Yu is the most accommodating protagonist in a game or anime I’ve ever seen. It seems his personality was intentionally left as transparent as possible to ensure adaptability to virtually any situation (A common trait amongst “silent protagonists” of certain RPG’s of earlier eras). The guy will do pretty much anything so long as it advances the plot:

Ichijou: Hey, new guy, join our basketball team!
Yu: Sure.
Uncle: We’re having a family outing during Golden Week. You’re on bento duty.
Yu: I’ll do my best.
Ai: Hey, you’re pretty nice, aren’t you new guy? We should be a couple. Let’s go out!
Yu: …. (stunned silence interpreted as tacit agreement)

There are still a few characters from the OP sequence yet to be introduced. New party member next week?

Persona 4 The Animation Episode 4


Returning to the world of Shadows, Chie leads the way with Yu and Yosuke providing support as they continue their search for Yukiko.

Reaching a grand staircase, they catch up to Yukiko’s doppelganger in the same princess costume seen in the earlier Midnight Channel broadcast. Chie demands to see the real Yukiko. The double retreats deeper into the inner corridors, but they must dispose of a group of Shadows before they can continue their pursuit.

Elsewhere, Yukiko recalls an incident when two guys starting hitting on her at school, pressuring her to go out with them just as Chie arrives to drive them off. Relieved, Yukiko thanks her for always being there for her. Awakening, Yukiko looks up to hear the voice of her doppelganger recounting how much Yukiko values Chie as a friend.

A birdcage rolls down the nearby steps towards her, reminding her of the orphan chick she found one day by the side of the road and raised to adulthood. Day by day, the bird quickly became a source of some measure of comfort for her in a busy life occupied by long hours helping support her family’s ryokan and her school-life, when at times she didn’t have time even for Chie.

One day, Yukiko returns to her room to find the cage empty and the bird nowhere to be found. Her sympathetic companion in a life of stifling confinement and unchanging routine had vanished.

One day after having to turn Chie down yet again, the latter encourages Yukiko not to be discouraged in her position as heir of her family’s business and offers to help her any way she can; although Yukiko is glad to have Chie’s constant support, she is inwardly disappointed at the remark. Yukiko’s Shadow taunts her, indicating that moment as the time she realized Chie would not help free her from her plight.

Yukiko’s Shadow then reveals herself to her face-to-face as Chie and company arrive. Voicing her disappointment in Chie as her prince, the Shadow attacks Chie. Yu covers for her with a new Persona Margaret alerts him he now has access to before the Shadow incapacitates the group and their Personae. Yukiko denies her Shadow, allowing it to increase in power and transform into its true form, an immense harpy-like entity raining fire and bedlam until Yu summons Pyro Jack to absorb the brunt of the attack and contain as much of the fire as possible.

Yu initiates contact with the Shadow, galvanizing Chie as she makes her way through the inferno to reach Yukiko, confessing her jealousies and shortcomings as a friend while encouraging her to find the courage to trust herself and live the way she wants. Encouraged, Yukiko breaks free of the cage and embraces Chie. Yu, Yosuke, and Chie work together to bring down the Shadow, allowing Yukiko to make peace with her inner Shadow and gain her own Persona.


And with this, Yukiko has officially joined the cool kids club, allowing the foursome to forge yet stronger bonds and upgrade their strengths and abilities even further. As I mentioned previously in my review of the first episode, I don’t know anything about the game so the lack of a clear-and-present antagonist seems somewhat strange to me.

The caged bird leitmotif prevalent throughout the episode and the color red (as referenced in the previous episode) gives us fairly good insight into Yukiko’s personality and her overall disposition. What comes off as passivity and shyness may in fact merely be part of her way of coping with her less-than-ideal life bound by tradition and filial duty for taking responsibility for the family business; the frustrations which may have developed in response to the menial daily routine ultimately gave rise to her Shadow self.

Yearning, boundless desire and a restless spirit bound up in a world dictated by the cold confines of a steel-wrought cage: Amagi Yukiko, break free and live.

Next week, Kujikawa Rise (Kugimiya Rie) makes her debut.

Persona 4 The Animation Episode 3


We begin in flashback with elementary-school age Chie and Yukiko, who have apparently been close since childhood. Chie consoles Yukiko on a rainy day during their first encounter, quickly becoming friends.

Chie barges into the classroom one morning, hysterical at not being able to contact Yukiko. Grimly, Chie cannot rule out the possibilty that Yukiko may have been the one who appeared on the Midnight Channel the previous evening. Worse, Yukiko hasn’t been responding to her calls or texts. Yu suggests she may have been busy helping out at her family’s inn, which Chie takes as some measure of consolation until Yukiko calls Chie herself, finally allowing her to calm down completely. Yu and Yosuke are left to wonder who it was that actually appeared on the Midnight Channel.

Yu, Yosuke and Chie head back to Junes so that they can consult with Kuma, who tells them he hasn’t seen any new people come over from the other side since their last visit. Yu suggests they all watch the Midnight Channel again to confirm. After dark, Yu waits and when the screen crackles to life, Yukiko appears onscreen in a princess costume, declaring her hunt for a prince on a white horse to be on. She races through the castle gates into the background, heading deeper in the Shadow world. Afterwards, Chie races to Yukiko’s house, only to find Yukiko missing.

The next morning, Yu meets Yosuke at Junes. Yosuke is excited to show Yu the katana he found in his backyard and begins openly flaunting the fake but realistic blades, alerting a nearby cop who mistakes Yu and Yosuke for thugs and subsequently arrests both of them for brandishing swords in violation of Japan’s strict anti-weapons laws. Chie catches up with them just in time to see them being deposited in the back of a police cruiser for transport to the station. After the misunderstanding is resolved, Yu and Yosuke are released and find Chie waiting for them in the lobby, finally able to tell them about Yukiko’s disappearance. The news prompts the junior detective to begin questioning Chie, as Yukiko’s family had already asked the police to search for her; but when he mentions Yukiko in connection with the case of the deceased Yamano, Chie is infuriated and Yu and Yosuke both rush to restrain her before Yu’s uncle arrives to break up the ruckus. As they leave the station, Chie resolves to re-enter the Shadow world to save Yukiko.

With the guidance of Kuma, they arrive at the same castle “gates” Yukiko had passed through on the Midnight Channel broadcast. He confirms Yukiko is inside, and Chie races ahead, passing through a cavernous, palatial hall -oblivious to the presence of the Shadows, as she lacks special glasses to equip. Yu, Yosuke and Kumakichi follow her, summoning their respective Personae to clear a path through the treacherous Shadows.

Chie arrives at a room at the end of the hall resembling Yukiko’s room as she knows it in the outside world, and begins to hear the Shadows give voice to Yukiko’s doubts and inferiority complex towards Chie. In response, Chie’s doppelganger appears, revealing all the hidden jealousies and resentment towards Yukiko Chie had bottled up inside. Yu and Yosuke arrive, to Chie’s embarrassment as she denies her inner Shadow. Transforming, Chie’s doppelganger holds off Yu and Yosuke’s Personae as Chie wrestles with her inner jealousies until Yu and Yosuke remind her that she is indeed Yukiko’s true friend, and that what’s important is that she genuinely loves and cares for her.

Believing in her bond with Yukiko and accepting the less noble parts of herself, Chie challenges her Shadow. Margaret informs Yu that his bonds have granted him access to another Persona. With his new Persona (Jack-O-Lantern + Tonberry?), Yu is able to free Yosuke to team up with against the Shadow, successfully coordinating their attacks to bring it down. Chie finlly accepts it as a part of her, earning Chie her Persona.

Chie may have some repressed dominatrix tendencies, frustrated by Yukiko getting all the attention from the guys: her inner Shadow is decked out in leather, armed with numerous, animate whip-like appendages, after all. I wonder what the physical characteristics of Yukiko’s Persona will reveal about her personality.