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Mirai Nikki Episode 7


Child’s Play

After failing in a direct attempt on Yuno’s life, Houjou Reisuke slips into the bathroom to regroup, taking into account his Super Vision Diary’s weakness of only recording three entries (morning, noon, and evening) per day. His next ploy involves targeting both Yuki and Yuno simultaneously by poisoning, but Yuno sees through the deception when she suspects the tomatoes in the salad he prepared. Reisuke next attempts to eliminate Yuno by way of electric shock as she bathes, but is thwarted by Yuki, who has noticed the future being altered.

Yuki and Yuno conclude Reisuke must have possession of a Future Journal and begin searching the house but are not able to locate it.







Yuno repeatedly advises it would be far more expedient for them to kill him outright but Yuki objects on grounds that Reisuke is only a child. When Yuki takes the search to the yard outside, Yuno takes the opportunity to attack Reisuke herself and chases him throughout the house but inadvertently injures Yuki’s mother in the process.

Yuno deduces Reisuke has been able to conceal his Journal’s location by securing it beforehand and having it delivered to the house. Yuki intercepts the package but it turns out to be a trap that unleashes cyanide gas upon the unsuspecting victim. As the poison gas fills the house, Yuno is forced into a deadly game of hide-and-seek with a syringe of antidote critical to Yuki’s survival on the line.

Sensing danger, Yuki actually proves lucid enough to get to Yuno, passing air to her through a kiss before collapsing while she deals Reisuke the finishing blow. Though he has lost, Reisuke is nonetheless happy to have played against an opponent as cunning as Yuno but asks her what she will do when she eventually must face off against Yuki in the end (Insert cryptic, creepy Yuno grin here). Yuno seizes the antidote but loses consciousness before she can administer the shot to Yuki.

It is Uryuu Minene, acting on information from police inspector and Fourth Journal holder Kurusu, who actually gives Yuki the antidote that saves his life. As she leaves, she warns him to get rid of Yuno as soon as possible and that she is actually his worst enemy.

Game of Death

Yuki may not have been the one to dispatch Reisuke (between the two of them, he and Yuno are now two-for-two for number of Future Journal holder kills) but at least he got to have a moment of badass as he climbed the stairs to get to Yuno.

How far can Inspector Kurusu be trusted? He’s technically still part of an alliance with Yuki and Yuno but as of the end of episode 5 it seems he has a secret arrangement with Minene as well, possibly with some hidden agenda in mind.

Although Minene at first seemed rather enthusiastic to see Yuki suffer at the hands of Reisuke, she has no interest in delivering an easy coup de grace on two incapacitated rivals in the Survival Game. Even terrorists have a code, it seems. At any rate, Minene is fast becoming my favorite character in the series, which is remarkable considering I absolutely loathed her in episode 2. Her complexity seems to go far beyond that of an ordinary bomb-wielding criminal and she has a certain something that while I wouldn’t call it charm is nonetheless uncannily endearing. Maybe it’s the eyepatch. Hopefully, she’ll be able to stick around for awhile.


Mirai Nikki Episode 6


Death Comes to Dinner

This episode marks the appearance of Yuki’s mother Amano Rea (Mizuhara Kaoru), whom he picks up at the station after a long absence due to her long-hours as a game programmer. Even at first sight, hers is a character design that resembles K-On!‘s Yamanaka Sawako-sensei, a fitting connection to the Mirai Nikki universe as Sawako-sensei harbors something of a darker side underneath her saccharine sweet, sugar-fluff teacher image and is voiced by Sanada Asami, who incidentally debuts near the end of the episode.

The day begins as Yuno, using her journal’s foresight, crashes Yuki’s home and immediately sets about cooking and cleaning house in an effort to have Yuki’s mother acknowledge their relationship. Yuki is not so much unsettled about seeing Yuno in his own home (though unsettled he is) so much as he is disturbed at her so freely insinuating herself into his family dynamic, methodically ingratiating herself into the good graces of his mother. All the more to his dismay, Rea takes an immediate liking to Yuno, who puts on her best shrinking violet act since the start of the series.

It turns out Rea is home on leave from her job for several days, during which time she will be taking care of a young child of a co-worker who was killed in the incident at the Sacred Eye cult compound. Yuki notes to himself it is very likely the child’s parents were among the many Yuno personally killed over the course of the bloody fiasco. That night, Yuno sleeps over in Yuki’s room at his mother’s invitation, where she informs him the future will bring them together.
The next morning Yuki and Yuno awaken to find Rea returning home with a small boy, Houjou Reisuke (Sanada Asami), the orphaned child temporarily entrusted to her care. Rambunctious and spirited, the cherubic Reisuke seems normal, but is in fact revealed to be the Fifth Future Journal holder after a botched attempt on Yuno’s life.

It’s one thing to marry an axe murderer; it’s a completely different matter altogether when you’ve identified the axe-crazy as such beforehand and your own mother is pulling for the two of you to get together. Granted, Rea has no clue as to Yuno’s true yandere nature but the entire situation makes for a frustratingly awkward situation for Yuki, who has no way of expressing himself to his mother without certain, decisive retribution on Yuno’s part.

I’ve only known Sanada Asami in reference to her comedic roles (e.g. Maria+Holic; Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei series) which makes her turn here as Houjou Reisuke all the more striking, and surprisingly good. Yuno’s demonstrated resourcefulness, ruthlessness and diabolical cunning makes her one of the most dangerous players in the Survival Game, so anyone pitting their wits against hers will have to be nothing less to ensure their own survival. we’ll just have to see how Reisuke’s Super Vision Diary stacks up in the game in coming weeks.

Mirai Nikki Episode 5


Paradise Lost: Portrait of the Oracle as a Young Girl

Sixth Future Journal holder Kasugano Tsubaki’s true intentions are revealed and the origins of her deadly intent made clear in flashback, with the cult’s founding; her parents’ deaths; and her subsequent subjugation in her role as the cult’s oracle (facilitated through the administration of psychopharmaceutical agents and religious prostitution at the hands of her own followers).

After removing the threat of Twelfth Future Journal holder Hirasaka Yomotsu, courtesy of Yuno in a tactical gambit relying heavily on her deductive reasoning, Tsubaki makes her move, taking Yuno hostage and forcing Yuki to hide in the obscurity of the night. Using Yuno as bait, she lures him into her trap under threat of subjecting Yuno to the same humiliation she had suffered. Examining Yuno’s diary, he discovers Yuno’s affections are indeed genuine and that she had been trying to protect him the entire time. Mustering his resolve, Yuki races to the inner sanctum and, in a calculated move taking advantage of Tsubaki’s Journal’s weakness, Yuki is successful in erasing Tsubaki and freeing Yuno. (It is worth noting that in spite of what he had discovered only a day before, Yuno’s Journal entry changes to once more reflect a Happy Ending with Yuki. Love triumphs over all, I guess.)

Like Ninth Future Journal holder Uryuu Minene, Tsubaki experienced devastating personal loss; and like Minene she can be considered a product of the destructive ravages of the human condition. As such she meets the basic requirements of a tragic figure. Tsubaki wishes to ascend to godhood to destroy a cruel world that had robbed her of her parents and only brought her pain. What she intends to do after that is left unanswered and is apparently irrelevant. While Tsubaki’s motives are utterly selfish, there is no rule in the Survival Game to suggest the one who finally attains deity must act in accordance with godhood’s more philanthropic virtues -like mercy, grace and benevolence. To say nothing of forgiveness and redemption, concepts of which Tsubaki knows little if anything on a personal level.

What little she does know had come to her in flitting shadows, unseen faces and malicious hands that tear and paw at her like claws until she is stripped of all dignity. It is not the darkness of an unseen world that is the true terror, but rather the darkness within the hearts of her tormentors -an infinite, impermeable darkness that stains and pollutes her consciousness and her being even as it condemns her to a living death from which there is no relief and no escape. Her only solace is a child’s handball, a final memento from her mother, long since lost. When that is gone, any traces of her former self are effectively extinguished as well. The gentle girl of her childhood was now lost to the darkness.

Up from the gutters of hell through a twisted landscape of unending affliction, Tsubaki rises in defiance of unspeakable fate, only to receive redemption -and, finally, peace- at the point of Yuki’s dart.

Henshin is Hazardous to Your Health

Hirasaka Yomotsu, in what turns out to be his final mission, treats his would-be quarry to a Super Sentai Spectacular before charging Tsubaki. His world is also a world deprived of sight, but that world is clearly defined within the demented logic of his moral code in crystal clear black-and-white. The victors are the righteous; the defeated are evil that must be eradicated at all costs, and woe betide those unfortunate enough to be caught in the crossfire. His self-appointed duty is to uphold justice and punish evil, even at the cost of his life.

Yomotsu dispenses “justice” from the legitimately criminal to the absurdly trivial with indiscriminate brutality. When he is finally bested, though, he acknowledges his enemy as “righteous.” This, however, is not because of any sudden ray of clarity piercing the murky depths of his insanity so much as interpreting the outcome within his framework of morality. Yuno had won, thus making her the “righteous” one. Nothing more.

At the close of Episode 5, the players in this deadly contest (i.e. Team Yuki) have thus far authored the elimination of two more Future Journal holders from the Survival Game.

Nine Journal holders remain: who will be the next to be voted off SURVIVOR?

Mirai Nikki Episode 4


Horrified by what he has just seen at Yuno’s, Yuki holes up in the sanctuary of his room, debating whether to inform the police. He starts dialing Inspector Kurusu but is interrupted by an incoming text from Yuno, who anticipates the move. Yuki grimly realizes he has no way of escaping her. Kurusu arrives the following morning, awakening Yuki from a failed all-night vigil. He tries to tell the inspector what he saw the night before but Yuno’s unexpected presence forces him to abandon the idea.

In the car, Kurusu informs him Ninth Future Journal owner Uryuu Minene has been apprehended and is being held at the shrine of the Sacred Eye, a religious cult. As Kurusu negotiates permission to enter the grounds, Yuki tries to mask his nervousness in front of Yuno. Knowing he cannot act without her knowledge, he tries to determine whether she would resort to killing him to conceal her dark secret. The outsiders, Yuki in particular, attract the interest of a cloaked, shadowy figure watching them via unknown means from within the compound. They are soon escorted to meet the Sacred Eye and shrine oracle in person. As they enter, the figure recognizes Yuki as the First Future Journal owner and reacts to Yuno with supreme disgust.

Inside, they meet the cloaked figure who had been observing the group in secret since their arrival: Kasugano Tsubaki (Sendai Eri) introduces herself as the leader of the Sacred Eye cult and Sixth Future Journal owner. With the Clairvoyance Journal, she is able to foresee distant events, making use of her followers’ eyes as her own.

Tsubaki tries to reassure Kurusu’s misgivings by renouncing any desire to become a god herself. She alerts them to Minene’s presence downstairs and reveals her journal has reached a Dead End. She offers Minene to Kurusu to do with as he sees fit but only in exchange for Yuki, because he has managed to survive two Dead End flags. Yuno immediately rejects the offer and Kurusu carefully weighs the options; in the end, it is decided Yuki will remain at the compound overnight. Tsubaki warns Yuki against Yuno, whom she prophesies will bring about Yuki’s doom should he not heed her warning. A jealous Yuno watches from afar. Between her journal and reading Yuki’s troubled glances, she learns his conversation with Tsubaki is causing him to lose trust in her. She quickly decides she has no choice but to kill Tsubaki.







An unseen saboteur sparks a sudden fire in Tsubaki’s chambers, changing the entries for all the Future Journal holders present. Though cult members rush to put out the blaze, the flames only grow stronger. Strangely, as though possessed, the cult followers begin killing each other off as the fire steadily continues to spread.

When Yuki tries to save Tsubaki from the fire, Yuno pleads with him not to go. Fearing Yuno may very well turn on him should he listen to her, Yuki denounces her as crazy and hurries to do what he can to save Tsubaki. Though he forces his way inside with an axe, the fire is quenched when the sprinkler system is activated. Tsubaki, drenched but otherwise unharmed, shouts at the addled cult members who then begin coming back to their senses.

Unable to accept what Yuki has just said, Yuno concludes he is being brainwashed and concludes she must dispose of Tsubaki her herself. Yuki questions Tsubaki, who voices her suspicions the cult members were being controlled by means of hypnosis and realizes her Clairvoyance Journal’s weakness has been discovered. Twelfth Future Journal holder Hirasaka Yomotsu turns out to be the one who brought Minene to Sacred Eye, holding her in ward underground. In a bid to gain an advantage in the Survival Game, he has been manipulating the actions of cult members, as Tsubaki suspects, by means of hypnosis.

Yuki tries calling Kurusu, who was strangely absent during the fire and carnage, to no avail. As Tsubaki believes the one responsible is still on the property, she puts her Clairvoyance Journal to use. They quickly find evidence of enemies on the premises in one entry, but soon the journal is overrun with reports of intruders within the compound. Below, Yomotsu prepares to renew his attack, donning his full costume as, above, Yuno demands Tsubaki let Yuki go.

Yomotsu declares himself a force of righteousness, whose “righteous” extermination plan cannot be foiled by “evil.” Minene scoffs, remarking Yuno’s abnormality will help her foil it. In what appears to clearly be a fit of insanity, Yuno begins hacking the scores of cult members’ corpses littering the room: the “corpses” are not actually dead. As the bodies of the cultists “come back to life,” Yuno urges Yuki to choose: to join her and live or choose to stay with Tsubaki and die with her.








What happened to Inspector Kurusu? Midway through the episode, he just seemed to disappear in all the commotion.

Considering what type of series this is, I shouldn’t be surprised to find Mirai Nikki is filled with a mob of truly, truly, messed-up characters. While doing routine research on the anime when it first started airing, I unintentionally spoiled myself regarding some plot elements and certain character background details – Tsubaki, Sixth Future Journal holder, included. As one might suspect, she is not exactly what she seems. While not every character suffers from some kind of severe antisocial personality disorder, this is not a happy world and these are definitely not the kind of people one hopes to find oneself at the mercy of.

I’m not ruined for the series by any means but I can’t help but anticipate certain developments on Yuki’s end and how the anime will bear out the consequences of certain revelations between Yuki and Yuno when the time comes. In the meantime, There Will Be Blood. Lots of blood.

Mirai Nikki Episode 3


Plea of temporary insanity: Yuno is almost desirable in the first half of this episode. And I forgot to mention how scary she is in the OP in last week’s entry.


Minene narrates a short prologue at the beginning of the episode, recalling how she believed in the existence of God as a child -until war robbed her of her parents. The vividness of the memory jolts Minene awake as she lies in hiding in a remote, derelict building somewhere in the city. Meanwhile, Inspector Kurusu, Fourth Future Journal holder, appeals to Yuki and Yuno for their cooperation in initiating the plan to put an end to the Survival Game. Together, they review the known identities of those in possession of Future Journals collectively encountered thus far; subsequently, Kurusu insists discovering the identities of the other Future Journal holders is of crucial importance to success. Moreover, Kurusu places the capture of Ninth Future Journal holder Minene as a mission priority.

Kurusu informs the pair that school will have to be put on hold for a time and requests they act as bait to draw Minene into the open while under surveillance of his own unit within the department. Thus Yuki and Yuno spend a day in leisurely recreation at a local amusement park. For her part, Yuno is intent on enjoying herself and the time she gets to spend together with Yuki; Yuki, however, is vaguely unsettled by Yuno, as he still doesn’t know the reason why she follows him and can’t shake the feeling that she is hiding still something more from him. As the day wears on he grows more determined to get answers for his questions.

With nightfall, Minene decides to make her move. On the street, she uses her Escape Journal to map an escape route but her entries change due to the influence of another Future Journal user nearby. Attracting the attention of two cops who otherwise would not have noticed her, Minene is forced to flee.

At the amusement park, Yuno continues to drag Yuki around, this time to the haunted house. Seeing her genuinely scared, Yuki wonders if Yuno is a regular girl underneath it all. After some obligatory fanservice in the pool, Yuno suggests visiting the planetarium next, but Yuki immediately rejects the idea an they opt for the Ferris Wheel instead. High above the ground, Yuki decides he must put the nagging misgivings that have been troubling him to rest. When he asks Yuno why she insists on hanging around him, she in turn asks Yuki why he avoided the planetarium earlier, revealing he had told her about his dream to see the stars with his family and that she had promised to become his bride. Though he questions her directly whether she is keeping anything from him, she only gently replies that that is her “secret.”

They are caught in a sudden downpour as they walk home and at Yuno’s invitation, Yuki agrees to stop in for a bit. On the run, Minene is approached by the mysterious Future Diary user who is careful to keep himself in the shadows. He volunteers to help her though Minene remains wary of his motives. Inside Yuno’s house, the rooms are dark and strangely quiet. Yuno explains the lights are out due to power failure, an explanation Yuki accepts without a second thought. While waiting for her to return from peeling an apple in the kitchen, Yuki decides to find the bathroom.

The unknown Future Journal user, now equipped with a bag over his head to hide his identity, brings Minene to a secluded cabin in a wooded area outside the police search radius. When questioned by Minene, he refers to himself as an agent of his own brand of justice. He is soon revealed to be a strange, hooded figure in black, the Twelfth Future Journal owner Hirasaka Yomotsu, who proceeds to torture Minene for information on the First Journal user’s identity.

Yuki makes his way down the corridor using his cellphone for flashlight, pausing outside a suspicious room. His curiosity gets the better of him as he slides back the door, causing the causality continuum within the boundaries set by Deus to break down and dramatically altering the futures of all Future Journal owners. Terrified at the grim sight, Yuki runs home in a mad panic, locking the door behind him. To his horror, Yuno has followed him to his house and bids him good night through the mailslot.

Lots of arm-glomping and cleavage on Yuno’s part in the earlier part of this episode, with the girl coming off as almost normal. For a couple seconds I thought I was watching the wrong show, but if there’s one thing Mirai Nikki is NOT, it’s a light-hearted, rose-colored VN turned anime.

I was wondering: even if Yuki hadn’t looked inside the taped-over room, wouldn’t he have detected the sarcophagal smell, as the two bodies in the bedroom were in fairly advanced stages of necrosis? or perhaps Yuno used something to forensically conceal the odor of decayed flesh, even though she didn’t bother with disposing of the corpses in any meaningful way. Something tells me I may be better off not knowing…

Mirai Nikki Episodes 1 & 2


Released by production studio asread, Mirai Nikki (未来日記) is the adaptation of the popular manga. Directed by Hosoda Naoto, it’s a debut long-awaited by fans. As a brief disclaimer, I’m not familiar with the manga so I can only talk about what I’ve seen via the anime.

Sakurami Middle School student Amano Yukiteru (Togashi Misuzu) keeps to himself and has virtually no friends, rejecting personal contact with others in favor of compiling a journal of his daily activities and events on his cell phone. His self-imposed strictly-observer lifestyle is rooted in his habits from childhood, making him a life-long loner. His emotional withdrawal from society is so complete he has even fabricated imaginary friends out of boredom and sheer will: Deus Ex Machina (Wakamoto Norio), Lord of Time and Space, exists within the plane Yukiteru conceived from his imagination but is able to manipulate circumstances in the real world. As such, he catalyzes events, even wars, for his own amusement. Did I mention he’s a god? (Did I mention he’s voiced by the great Wakamoto Norio?) Deus promises Yukiteru something more interesting and sets the stage for the latest “game,” which involves his cell phone diary.

The next morning, Yukiteru awakens to find journal entries for the day already written. Doubting its authenticity, he spends the following days testing its contents, in many cases taking advantage of the information (e.g. acing tests, upping his class rank). Later, Deus cautions Yukiteru with a vital warning: the journal (essentially, his cell phone itself) becomes one with the owner and loss of the journal means loss of his future -in other words, if he loses his phone, he will die.

Shall we play a game?

Although Amano says little and avoids interacting with people as much as possible, he attracts the attention of Gasai Yuno (Murata Tomosa), a beautiful, popular classmate who excels academically and is admired by their peers. After school, Yukiteru finds evidence Yuno has knowledge of his imaginary world and immediately makes another shocking discovery: his journal has reached a Dead End: the entries have stopped. He looks up just as Yuno appears, cornering him alone in the classroom. Panicking, Yukiteru flees. As he leaves the schoolgrounds, his future is changed, causing the journal to be rewritten with new entries. Despite evasive tactics and his best efforts, however, he cannot escape from Yuno, who reveals her secret: Yuno also carries a cell phone journal, which tells her everything about his activities and whereabouts every ten minutes. She’s been watching “Yuki” to save him from death at the hands of the serial killer and Third Future Journal owner, currently hot on their trail, and to protect him in the Survival Game.

Although terrified of Yuno, whom he deems a complete stalker, he reluctantly follows her plan as they lure the killer onto the roof. With Yuno’s aid, Yuki uses his darts to destroy the killer’s journal, which not only kills him but also seems to erase his very existence as well.

Furious, Yuki questions Deus, who reminds Yuki he is part of a “game,” the first of many participants. Deus then formally introduces the game and its rules to all the Future Journal holders, with the players’ identities kept secret from each other as a necessary condition: each party is in possession of one Future Journal, which lists entries 90 days in advance. Although the journals distort time, journal entries are subject to change dependent on the individual actions of the journal’s owner. Thus, advised beforehand, one can alter the course of their future by taking a different course of action than what was originally laid out. A Dead End is reached if a third party acts upon their future to eliminate them from the game, which naturally must be avoided to stay alive. Each player must rely on their own journals to discover the identities of the other players while protecting their own to advance in the Survival Game. Last man standing will succeed Deus as god and claim his throne as Lord of Space and Time.

Acknowledging his unlikely victory over the Third Journal owner, Deus chooses Yuki as most likely to win the Survival Game. The gesture attracts unanimous jealousy among the rest of the players as Deus adjourns the meeting. Mortified, Yuki slumps to his knees just as Yuno appears behind him, promising she will protect him.

A post-credits omake reveals Third Future Journal owner and serial killer Hiyama (Yuki’s homeroom teacher) had already “died” multiple times, inadvertently killing himself by destroying the journal in ignorance when being recruited into the Survival Game by Muru Muru. Born to lose?

Episode 2 opens as Yuki desperately tries to figure a way out of the Survival Game but without anyone he can turn to for help. Initially he dismisses the idea of consulting with Yuno, who had been texting him repeatedly since their last encounter, but in the end decides he needs her help after all. Before he can consult with her, he has the misfortune of being discovered by Uryuu Minene, a violent, bomb-toting sociopath and Ninth Future Journal holder. Having planted bombs throughout the school, she holds the entire student population hostage while putting Yuki and Yuno on the run, trying to avoid detection as each side tries to alter the future to their advantage.

Eventually Yuno figures out she and Yuki need to use their journals together in tandem to compensate for each other’s journal’s inherent weaknesses and stand the best chance of survival. When Yuno suggests they meet up with the rest of the students on the other side of the school, Yuki embraces the opportunity to seek their help, having acknowledged to Yuno how much he has wanted friendship and acceptance. However, his classmates betray him to Minene to save the rest of the students, apprehending him and confiscating his cell phone. And although Kurusu Keigo, police investigator and Fourth Future Journal holder, arrives on the scene, putting pressure on Minene, she ultimately forces him to choose between Yuki and a school full of hostages.

Although the opening act of Mirai Nikki provides fleeting glimpses of Yuno’s deeply-disturbed, psychotic nature it doesn’t truly manifest until this point. To reiterate, I haven’t read the manga and before the anime’s recent debut I had only general knowledge of the basic premise and the characters, but she is a character whose reputation precedes her. As I understand from various sources, we haven’t seen anything yet in regards to the full extent of Yuno’s yandere personality. Sacrificing dozens of fellow classmates, those who had betrayed Yuki’s friendship, she leaps down to distract Minene and guide Yuki through the minefield towards his Journal. Their classmates do what little they can to help by raining anything they can get their hands on down on Minene.

Yuki makes a dash for Minene, readying a dart to pierce through her Journal, but she dodges and instead catches the thrust of Yuki’s attack in the eye. Kurusu also moves in to apprehend Minene but she creates a smokescreen and uses her Escape Journal to avoid capture. Kurusu warns Yuki the other Future Journal holders will continue to target him and offers to team up with Yuki (and Yuno) to form an alliance to work together to stop the killing and end the Survival Game.

The first couple episodes have put Mirai Nikki off to a strong start, and while it may be too soon to talk about it, I’m looking forward to how the anime production team handles Yuki’s character “development” in later installments. Yuki’s fear of and uneasy reliance upon Yuno is something that he will eventually have to deal with. Trust is something easily misplaced and under the worst circumstances (or in the face of the possibility to become a god), it’s not hard to find the worst in human nature. However, adversity breeds extraordinary and unexpected things. If Yuki can survive the Game maybe he can gain what he’s longed for for so long (re)building relationships with people around him. Good luck, kid.