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High School DXD Episode 2


Mutsulini: Here we are again after 25 minutes of hellscape called High School DxD Episode 1. We bring you High School DxD Episode 2. Though the show is getting a bit more interesting with some redeeming qualities sprouting here and there… it is nevertheless an ecchi-heavy oppai-centric and horomone-driven anime. We return from the end of last episode to Issei’s bedroom again to see Issei continuing to act like a little girl as it is revealed that Rias had been sleeping next to him naked that night. As is the case for cowardly peons like Issei, he goes ballistic and clumsily stumble over every little dust particle floating in his bedroom as his mother walks in on them. Oh what fun that is.

As you can see (or rather, not see,) Issei’s members are in plain view, which is quite shocking in typically moderately censored anime such as this one. For the decent viewers out there, the image provided has been self-censored by Omoshirosou’s very own censor board. So, enjoy.

So, a bit more is revealed later on in that Issei is now a devil (akuma) thanks to Rias’ resurrecting him. Along with a few of other cast members, these devils do various tasks for people for reasons yet to be known. I am guessing they go around making pacts with people and fulfilling their wishes for their souls of whatnots but I’ll have Kujou-san kindly explain the rest of the episode to you folks. Now onto the ending sequence.

[Censored for general consumption though in this she is in a lingerie and nothing is revealed… I the censors made it worse than it looks. I the censors also mosaic’d the mouth due to its suggestive nature.]

Since the first episode ended with the opening theme, we got to wait an extra week for this. The ending sequence for this show is a combination of two socially acceptable vices of our era, pole dancing as featured in strip clubs and Las Vegas style gambling. The sequence is almost entirely composed of the female cast taking turns pole dancing in lingerie with the rest of the screen decorated with themes ranging from playing cards to poker chips to laces. The song STUDYXSTUDY is performed by a new seiyuu group StylipS composed of the famous Yui Ogura and Kaori Ishihara of YUIKAORI along with Arisa Noto, and Maho Matsunaga. It is a lot upbeat and faster than the opening so it goes well with the comedic and ecchi nature of the show… Okay I should stop saying anything good about this show now. Kujou-san, help…

Kujou-san: Now that mutsulini has thoroughly spoiled you all by skipping ahead to the mind-bending depravity that is the ED sequence, your appetites will surely be thoroughly whetted for the meat of the episode. That is if you haven’t already ruined yourselves over Rias and her demon brigade of pole-dancing vixens, all of whom are that much more delicious unpixelated.

At this point we should go a little further into what the protagonist has become: as mutsulini mentioned, the quintessential pervert Issei-kun, revived in essentially the same form in outward appearance but entirely different in incorporeal substance, finds himself no longer human. Because he was quickened by Rias and thus spared from death he is now a demon. What’s more, he is now bound to Rias under a contract which essentially makes him her slave (I imagine in every sense of the word), much in the fashion of liege lord and vassal in that he is bound to Rias under bond of absolute loyalty.

Rias sends campus golden boy Kiba Yuuto to fetch Issei back to the Room of Close Associates Occult Research Club, where he is introduced to the rest of the club members; and it’s no surprise they’re all demons as well, from the petite Toujou Koneko (Taketatsu Ayana), to elegant vice-president Himejima Akeno (Itou Shizuka).

Rias informs Issei of his latent ability, the Sacred Gear, which has power to withstand angels and devils and was the reason why he was killed by the fallen angel Amano Yuuma. At this point, Issei is no more than a gopher tasked with various odd jobs, culminating in his first real mission –proxying for one of Koneko’s contracts. True to his perverted nature, Issei thrills to the prospects of building a harem of slaves for himself. Unfortunately for him, however, the prize at the end of his bike ride (he as of yet lacks even the ability to summon properly) is a degenerate otaku with a fetish for being babied. No contract this time, it seems. Sorry, Issei: coffee is for closers ONLY! Always Be Closing! ALWAYS BE CLOSING!

At least in the end he is able to awaken the Sacred Gear (tearing the clothes off a beautifully-built fallen angel in the process) and stumble across a sweet-faced cleric chick.

In closing, there is one thing I take issue with regarding the whole contract arrangement: according to tradition going back who-knows how far, when making contracts with demons, the demon always secures the knowing and willful consent of the party in question.

That is, the poor, ill-fated soul who for whatever reason is driven to such desperate terms as to make a deal with the devil, so to speak, has to agree to be bound by the contract, part and parcel. Whether it’s with a ritual signing some arcane document in one’s own blood or actually swearing some kind of oral oath, there is always some kind of pledge of acknowledgement. I’m not sure why. Maybe it has something to do with most demons falling under the “Lawful Evil” category in the morality spectrum. It would seem it’s just something they do. At any rate, this tradition has been established with a good deal of precedent in literature and folklore from various cultures the world over (do we really have to cite examples here?) so it seems strange that Highschool DXD would do away with that vital rite that officially makes the pact kosher.

Oh well, back to the boobs.


High School DXD Episode 1


Kujou-san: Welcome back, friends, and Happy New Year. Lots of new shows to kick off 2012, and one of the first reviews for Omoshirosou(!)’s sophomore year is production team TNK’s brand-spanking new High School DXD (ハイスクールDXD). Both mutsulini and I will be reviewing this series jointly, so you can look forward to both our input on this series as it progresses this season. Featuring OP “Trip -innocent of D-” by Larval Stage Planning, and ED “STUDYXSTUDY” by StylipS, the show is one of Yanagisawa Tetsuya’s (Sora no Otoshimono: Tokei-jikake no Angeloid) first projects as director.


んでくれないかな?” Could you… die for me?

Not exactly romantic, though that is the very phrase Hyoudou Issei hears from his supposed girlfriend Amano Yuma just before she kills him. Only minutes before, he’d been relishing the intoxicating experience of his first date ever. But what should have been a rose-colored evening of sweet, adolescent bliss takes a deadly turn as Yuma suddenly, unceremoniously impales him through the abdomen, leaving him to die in a state of confused agony.


But before we get to that, we should backtrack a bit. Oppai-obsessed Issei-kun (the increasingly ubiquitous Kaji Yuuki) is a second-year koukousei with a healthy libido and not all that much else going for him. He and his like-minded, good-for-nothing friends can usually be found somewhere on campus, cursing their inexperience and lusting after virtually any girl within a five-mile radius. However, he’s somehow gained the attention of the school goddess, Rias Gremory (Hikasa Youko), who chairs Komaou Academy’s Occult Research Club.


Mutsulini: Welcome back gentle anime lovers, Mutsulini reporting in for Omoshirosou(!)’s first joint post.

Now that Kujou-san has over the events of the show’s very first episode so I will briefly enter into a brief analysis of Issei, our protagonist, and finish off the episode.

Issei is one of those protagonists who is typified by complete moral depravity and sexual ineptitude. He and his two inept goons do nothing but watch ecchi anime and wish to someday endeavor in sexual conquest which would be denied even with a prostitute. Below is a scene depicting the three recreating the scene, intentionally or unintentionally, from Porky’s sans the insertion but it ends up looking more like they’re entertaining themselves in brotherhood of sexual desperation outside of the girls’ changing room.


This show quickly devolves into a parade of emasculation through the main character going nuts over the thicket of watermelon sized breasts and divining winds that always lift the skirts up to the desired position to which grants visible access of the nether realms. Of course, I could be saying that about lot of other shows but dehumanizing Issei, the so-called libido driven teenager who is nothing but a fantasizing dimwit, has high entertainment value unto itself. After all, as Kujou-san mentioned, this is a boy who failed at getting to first base, by being killed.

Fortunately, to my pleasure, this episode’s highlight comes from the repeated killing of this ill-begotten boy who probably deserves nothing less than the gory assaults he endures only to be revived twice by the dominatrix-in-waiting Rias who happens to sport the largest pair of breasts in the show. After his second death, Rias reappears to claim ownership to Issei’s body as he again drifts into eternal slumber.  The episode ends with Issei waking up naked next to an also naked Rias. As expected of a testasterone driven manly man, Issei immediately huddles to the corner of his room in fetal position.

Look forward to our review of episode 2 of High School DxD~