You can watch anime through many media nowadays.

Back when I started, only shows available were those that came on as part of Saturday morning cartoons.  Needless to say, choices were limited.

Slowly but surely I was able to find few select anime available on VHS (it’s an archaic form of media now extinct and can only be found in museums and grandma’s basements) and Laser Discs (also an archaic form of media, people of this era may relate to it as a Blu-ray the size of a pizza, literally.)

Recommended course of action for an iniatiate is to check out one of many streaming sites offering choices in anime straight from Japan.

Completely legit sites include:,,, and, just to name a few.

If you want better anime, start by supporting the industry.

Even if you downloaded a series, you can still buy merchandise and DVD’s and Blu-rays, even figures of girl characters.  Don’t worry, we’ll think you’re a freak anyway.



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