It is with great pleasure that we welcome you to Omoshirosou(!). I am Kujou, Yoru no Romanticist. Call me Kujou-san, Kujou for short. My co-editor-in-chief and fellow director of this blog will introduce himself with his introductory remarks below.

Before we begin, let us elaborate on the nature of this blog. My esteemed colleague and I set up Omoshirosou(!) primarily as a means to share our mutual love for all things anime and, to a lesser extent, things anime-related. Here within these pages, gentle readers, we offer analyses and critique from our own individual perspectives, indulge in whimsical commentary and extrapolate dubious theories on anime currently-airing and those from previous seasons. Also, from time to time certain idols may be idolized. Hard.

Those seeking elevated, intellectual discussion on profound subject matter, please refer yourselves here. Still with us? Ok, good. You may well prefer up-to-the-minute anime updates and thus find us a bit wanting in terms of news-standard timeliness as established by the guidelines of professional journalism. However, if you revel in minutiae and the slow digestion of anime savored purely for the sake of simple amusement, read on.

And so friends and patrons, anime spectators all, we invite you to join us.


7 September, AD MMXI



OFFICIAL COMMENTS POLICY (Updated 5 October MMXI, subject to change)

Otonashi Meru, doing her thing.

We welcome comments, and you are free to post your thoughts with anonymity but please be mature. Courtesy is always imperative in any civilized social interaction. Your comments are a reflection of who you are; if you don’t wish to misrepresent yourself, then act accordingly. Any and all abuse, spam and/or gratutitous profanity, as deemed such at the discretion of mutsulini or myself, will not be tolerated. Comments in all-caps will not be tolerated. Posting and/or solicitation of links for downloads etc will not be tolerated. All comments not adhering to these guidelines will be summarily deleted.

If you are unsure whether your remarks are spam or inflammatory, err on the side of good counsel. With the above in mind, please moderate yourselves in the following manner: General comments (e.g. I love this blog!) and anything anime-related to relevant discussion of a particular post may be submitted via the comments section. For all inquiries pertaining to other miscellaneous things (e.g. what kind of webhosting do you use?) or to contact us directly, please submit to kujousan@gmail.com.

Thank you for your cooperation, and please continue to enjoy Omoshirosou(!)


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