Persona 4 The Animation Episode 8


Narukami Yu. Nothing fazes the guy. He gets kicked off a thirty-foot drop-off and doesn’t so much as blink.

The Great Outdoors/For the Love of Curry

With springtime comes warmer weather; lighter, more revealing seifuku and the school camping trip, a rare chance to enjoy some time away from Inaba in the company of schoolmates without the pressures of classes, grueling exams or talking bear-like entities. Of course that doesn’t mean they can escape the useless supervision of certain meddling members of the school faculty and the hazards of their idiotic behavior. But first thing’s first: any overnight school trip wouldn’t be complete without packed meals, but who needs that when you can cook outdoors?

Yu, Yosuke, Chie and Yukiko team up for the event and quickly settle on curry as their team’s meal choice. Yosuke is none too thrilled when he finds out the main activity of the trip will be trash disposal around the site, but the mere mention of the opportunity to swim in the river sends him into a frenzy as he runs off on his own quest. He finally returns some time later, but both he and Yu are content to leave shopping for ingredients to Chie and Yukiko. Because, you know, all girls know how to cook. Because they’re girls. Right?

Yosuke learns first-hand the importance of not making assumptions of cooking ability based on gender when he finally tastes the curry Chie and Yukiko made, with Yu tragically joining him as a senseless follow-up casualty. After Yu and Yosuke experience a less than pleasant run-in with Konishi Naoki (Yonaga Tsubasa), younger brother of Konishi Saki, Kanji finds the pair and leads them back to Chie and Yukiko, where they find Aika’s delivery has saved them again. There Kanji explains how he knew Naoki from childhood but can’t shed more light on the surviving Konishi sibling’s situation since his sister died. Kanji decides to fetch Naoki himself so the group can ask him about his circumstances directly. He is grateful for their frankness and explains how he is treated with kid-gloves at school and home which frustrates him to no end.







Later, they work through inconsistencies in their theories about the incidents over trash pickup but Moro-King interrupts before they can make any real progress. They decide to focus on monitoring the Midnight Channel, as every victim appeared on television prior to being targeted.

Nightfall finds Yu and Yosuke uncomfortable with the idea of sleeping in the same tent with Kanji. When he stomps off to prove his manhood, his rash intrusion on Chie and Yukiko cause them to spend the night with Yu and Yosuke. In the morning, Yosuke is able to get the girls to change into the swimsuits he bought from Junes but fails to lure them into the water when he misspeaks complimenting the girls’ figures. the mistakes proves costly when all three boys are unceremoniously shoved off the towering ledge into the frigid waters below where they quickly find themselves in danger of being “soiled.” All’s well that ends well though, as the trip comes to an end with no expulsions, deaths by curry or youthful indiscretions in the dark… or were there? In closing, Yu, Yosuke, Chie and Yukiko look on as Kanji is almost confessed to brutally rejected by his alleged tryst of the previous night as a parting token of a thoroughly memorable trip. Ah, youth!

And in the Morning, My Pants were Gone and I had This Splitting Headache…

So what’s the deal with Yosuke? Buying ladies’ swimwear to have on-hand and then forcing female acquaintances to wear them in opportunistic situations. Nothing good can come of this. Yosuke will no doubt become a very, very dangerous man. If he isn’t already.

Aika-chan is awesome. She really should have been a main character (more Aoi Yuuki is always a good thing). No takeout service can match Aika-chan’s ability to deliver anywhere and everywhere. Any chance she’ll consider making trips for international orders?


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