Mirai Nikki Episode 7


Child’s Play

After failing in a direct attempt on Yuno’s life, Houjou Reisuke slips into the bathroom to regroup, taking into account his Super Vision Diary’s weakness of only recording three entries (morning, noon, and evening) per day. His next ploy involves targeting both Yuki and Yuno simultaneously by poisoning, but Yuno sees through the deception when she suspects the tomatoes in the salad he prepared. Reisuke next attempts to eliminate Yuno by way of electric shock as she bathes, but is thwarted by Yuki, who has noticed the future being altered.

Yuki and Yuno conclude Reisuke must have possession of a Future Journal and begin searching the house but are not able to locate it.







Yuno repeatedly advises it would be far more expedient for them to kill him outright but Yuki objects on grounds that Reisuke is only a child. When Yuki takes the search to the yard outside, Yuno takes the opportunity to attack Reisuke herself and chases him throughout the house but inadvertently injures Yuki’s mother in the process.

Yuno deduces Reisuke has been able to conceal his Journal’s location by securing it beforehand and having it delivered to the house. Yuki intercepts the package but it turns out to be a trap that unleashes cyanide gas upon the unsuspecting victim. As the poison gas fills the house, Yuno is forced into a deadly game of hide-and-seek with a syringe of antidote critical to Yuki’s survival on the line.

Sensing danger, Yuki actually proves lucid enough to get to Yuno, passing air to her through a kiss before collapsing while she deals Reisuke the finishing blow. Though he has lost, Reisuke is nonetheless happy to have played against an opponent as cunning as Yuno but asks her what she will do when she eventually must face off against Yuki in the end (Insert cryptic, creepy Yuno grin here). Yuno seizes the antidote but loses consciousness before she can administer the shot to Yuki.

It is Uryuu Minene, acting on information from police inspector and Fourth Journal holder Kurusu, who actually gives Yuki the antidote that saves his life. As she leaves, she warns him to get rid of Yuno as soon as possible and that she is actually his worst enemy.

Game of Death

Yuki may not have been the one to dispatch Reisuke (between the two of them, he and Yuno are now two-for-two for number of Future Journal holder kills) but at least he got to have a moment of badass as he climbed the stairs to get to Yuno.

How far can Inspector Kurusu be trusted? He’s technically still part of an alliance with Yuki and Yuno but as of the end of episode 5 it seems he has a secret arrangement with Minene as well, possibly with some hidden agenda in mind.

Although Minene at first seemed rather enthusiastic to see Yuki suffer at the hands of Reisuke, she has no interest in delivering an easy coup de grace on two incapacitated rivals in the Survival Game. Even terrorists have a code, it seems. At any rate, Minene is fast becoming my favorite character in the series, which is remarkable considering I absolutely loathed her in episode 2. Her complexity seems to go far beyond that of an ordinary bomb-wielding criminal and she has a certain something that while I wouldn’t call it charm is nonetheless uncannily endearing. Maybe it’s the eyepatch. Hopefully, she’ll be able to stick around for awhile.


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