Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai Episode 6



Kodaka recalls his father informing him and his sister of their imminent move and his anxiousness to tell his friend before leaving town. They plan to meet the next day but unfortunately his friend never shows up for Kodaka to be able to give “him” the bad news…

As the end of the term nears, Yozora takes account of the club’s progress towards making real friends and finds everyone still as friendless as they were as when they first joined. Both Sena and Kodaka remark how their reputations have actually been damaged as a result of participating in club activities, misunderstandings notwithstanding.

Yozora knows just which "buttons" to push to get to Sena

Sena first mentions the idea of going to karaoke but her suggestion is quickly hijacked by Yozora, who quickly organizes a karaoke club outing and makes a point of excluding her when she feigns disinterest in the activity. Yozora forces Sena (in Yozora fashion) to beg to be allowed to come along until she realizes she doesn’t need Yozora’s permission in the first place. Yozora’s bullying ends with Sena leaving the room in tears.


The next day, Kodaka and Kobato meet up with Yozora, Sena, Yukimura and Rika at the station, from where they make the ten-minute walk to “Echoes from the Abyss:” a rather strange name for a karaoke parlor. Almost as though the owners couldn’t think of what to call it and just let Kobato name the place.

Yozora is outraged at what she believes to be suspiciously overpriced fees for group rates and teams up with Sena in a plan to get by for cheap by individually paying for singles. However, Kodaka does not go through with the scheme and pays for the remaining club members and himself. Thus while everyone else shares a room with Kodaka, Yozora and Sena go off to their own rooms. Alone. By themselves. Solo. In isolation. Rather than concede their fault and join the others, it seems they’d just as well pay the price for their stinginess with no one else bothering to ask if they are really fine with singing all by themselves.








And so, without further ado, the segment where each character gets to showcase their respective seiyuu’s singing ability. Traditionally, karaoke scenes have been a staple of school-life harem and romance-comedy anime, although it may find its way to other genres, and is generally a hit-and-miss affair. Primarily, it comes down to raw singing ability of the seiyuu, but song choice is also factor to some extent.

Here, however it works reasonably well as Kimura Ryohei has relatively decent singing ability; Fukuen Misato is pretty good; but the issue arises when we are denied the divine moeness of Hanazawa Kana’s turn at the mic. The profound cruelty of this injustice is somewhat mitigated, however, by a duet (ironic in context, isn’t it?) featuring Inoue Marina and Itou Kanae. On a slight tangent, this batch of insert songs are actually pretty good. For anyone interested, full versions probably won’t be available until spring next year.

As the day ends, the clubmates go their separate ways, and Yozora announces club activities will continue throughout the summer. After Yozora (again) bullies Sena into running away crying, she returns some time later to relay her father’s invitation to Kodaka to visit him at his home. Relishing the sight of how uncomfortable this news makes Yozora, it seems Sena is finally able to frustrate the girl who always comes out better in an exchange.

So I guess the outing wasn’t a complete failure per se. In fact the majority of the group, i.e. the ones who weren’t singing alone in their own individually rented rooms, rather enjoyed themselves. So apart from Yozora’s and Sena’s failed protest, everything went pretty smoothly.







Hm? Still More Fighting? You know, actually I’m not convinced after all. Not everyone enjoyed the experience of singing together as a group so no dice this time either. Blame it on Yozora and Sena’s dysfunctionalism.


RESULT: FAILED (やっぱり 失敗)

To reiterate, I don’t know anything about the visual novel but having come this far I was expecting exchanges between Yozora and Sena to be more even rather than all-out verbal beatdowns on Yozora’s part. Good for Sena for not being completely humiliated for once. It’s much more interesting than seeing her running away crying all the time.


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