Persona 4 The Animation Episode 6


This is the story of a meeting of destiny, and the bonds of fate…

No, not their meeting.

Well, perhaps we should start at the beginning. Rumor has it Tatsumi Kanji (Seki Tomokazu) can smash through a hundred guys in a hurly burly knock-down, drag out free-for-all before you can equip your knuckledusters. Chances are he’ll probably smash your face in if you were to look at him wrong, or maybe… he’ll just bake you some cookies. That is, if you happen to be a certain waifish lad in a newsboy cap with soft, androgynous features but we’ll come back to that.

Entering freshman Kanji has gained the ignominious distinction of becoming the de facto resident bad-ass of Yasogami High. Tall and imposing, his menacing glare is usually sufficient to send more timid classmates scurrying for cover, giving him a wide berth. But for all his bulk and fearsome demeanor, Kanji is actually not all he seems, as Yu evidences when stumbling upon a suspiciously cute item Kanji drops in the school hallway.

Such is the first clue to the aspects of Kanji’s personality that until now have been kept as well-guarded secrets. In the meantime, Yu indulges the opportunity to entertain little cousin Nanako by taking her along to Junes when Chie drops by to invite him to hang out with the others.

A comedic scene follows where Yosuke is demoralized by Yukiko’s blunt opinion of Junes in general and Chie’s cooking ability is called into question. The group’s next meeting proves more serious as Yosuke leads a discussion piecing together the connections between the victims involved in the disappearances/murders that had previously occurred, leading them to the Shadow realm; and Yu theorizes the Midnight Channel serves as a kind of warning to alert them to who will be targeted next.

On the next rainy evening, Yu monitors the Midnight Channel and catches sight of a blurry silhouette in a familiar likeness. The foursome meet again to discuss the previous evening’s Midnight Channel event and agree the figure that appeared was most likely Tatsumi Kanji.

Chie is shocked to learn Yukiko has known Kanji for some time, as her family’s inn has had a long-standing arrangement selling wares from his family’s textiles shop.

They decide to visit Kanji’s family shop, where they encounter the yet unnamed stranger in blue, Shirogane Naoto (Paku Romi), who seems to be interested in findings answers in his own investigation. As he leaves he catches Yu’s attention before he notices a scarf identical to one he had seen before in the Shadow world belonging to murder victim Yamano.

... ... ...Yaranaika?

Leaving the shop, the group witnesses Naoto talking with with a flustered Kanji streetside; and they decide to observe him secretly from a nearby hiding place, although Kanji spots them, forcing them to flee.

I think we've seen something we shouldn't have.

Yu comes to the conclusion since Kanji is likely the next victim and that they should continue to monitor him and the textile shop in the event the murderer appears. When they spot the pair again talking the next day after school, the group splits up to cover Kanji himself while keeping watch on the family shop. Sensing Yukiko’s nervousness, Yu calms her, allowing her to feel comfortable enough with him to confide she and Chie enjoy his (and Yosuke’s) company.







Meanwhile, Yosuke and Chie continue following Kanji and Naoto until Chie’s hunger gets the better of her -to the point she orders takeout on the street. The operation falls apart when Kanji discovers Yosuke and Chie, sending them fleeing in panic, gathering Yu and Yukiko along the way as they eventually outrun Kanji.


When I get my hands on you kids...

Though the group fails to gain any intel from their surveillance efforts this time around, Chie gets her happy ending as she gets to enjoy her takeout on the go.

GOAL!!! —STAGE CLEAR— Please Wait… Saving…
Please Do Not Reset or Turn Off the Game Console.

New Achievements Unlocked! Continue > (A)

Deja Vu: It may be only my imagination but, so help me, the impression I came away with at the end of the episode was that it all felt eerily reminiscent of a certain gang of Western junior crime-busting sleuths that may (not) be familiar. You may disagree, but that is the humble opinion of the author.

Smooth Operator: Yu knows how to put a girl at ease and succeeds in scoring Yukiko’s number -even if it is just for sake of the investigation. The score stands, Yu: 1, Yosuke: 0

Hey, What’s With the Elephant?: Chie lets the cat out of the bag, inadvertently blurting out what has been on everyone’s mind since the start of the episode.

Run Circles Around You in My Sleep: It’s surprising this group hasn’t been recruited by the track team. All four of them manage to keep pace with a speeding motorscooter as they handle cash exchange and receiving Chie’s takeout order -all while outrunning Kanji, who in a real comedic twist becomes ironically irrelevant.

So from the preview it seems the next episode should continue the unfolding saga of a boy coming to terms with his “true” identity and his burgeoning feelings for– oh, I mean, Kanji will confront his Shadow self. That should be interesting.


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  1. I love your review! I agree this epiosde was really funny especially the wacky chase scene during the stakeout! Yu totally score than yosuke any time since well he is the MC after all..

  2. Thank you very much! It’s very nice to hear feedback. The end chase was by far my favorite part, especially Aika’s deadpan expression contrasted with Yosuke’s reaction when she pulls up on the scooter. As for Yosuke’s game, it’s apparent he and Chie have more chemistry although neither would likely admit it.

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