Guilty Crown Episode 4


I had to... she's just too cute.

As Inori watches from the departing railcar, Segai takes Shu into custody and prepares to transport him to a remote facility for interrogation. Thinking fast, Inori begins searching frantically for some way to intervene and almost halts the train but she is stopped by Tsugumi, onboard incognito, who informs her such are Gai’s orders.

Crestfallen at Yahiro’s betrayal, Shu can barely respond to any of Segai’s questions. At school, Hare and Kanon inform the rest of their classmates of his arrest, throwing the classroom into an uproar. At his debriefing, Segai reports to Keido he is all but certain Shu has ties to Undertaker and, based on his interactions with Gai, is no ordinary member.

Although Segai presents Shu with photographic evidence of having met Gai in person, he is uncooperative. Keido in turn shows Segai a transmission received just minutes earlier, in which Gai announces to GHQ authorities he is planning to rescue a comrade from GHQ custody the following day. Segai, pondering Shu’s relationship with Gai, proposes an idea.

He beefs up security at the detention facility and releases Shu from his cell, bringing him to a heavily fortified-ward. The interior of the state-of-the-art fortress is dedicated almost exclusively to a vast treatment center for the most severely afflicted victims of the Apocalypse Virus. It is there Segai informs him this is what Yahiro sold him out for: the best medical care available for his sickly younger brother, who displays symptoms of the disease’s most advanced stage.

In an appeal to Shu’s sense of civic decency, Segai explains GHQ’s vital role in the aftermath of the Apocalypse Virus outbreak and the ten-year-long struggle re-establishing order in the country. He condemns Undertaker for undermining lasting peace and threatening to disrupt the order that took so long to restore. Although Shu can’t forget the killing committed by GHQ forces which he witnessed with his own eyes, Segai reveals Gai’s intent to release a mass murderer, Kido Kenji, from imprisonment, explaining it is Kido and not Shu whom Gai is concerned with rescuing.

Segai ends the meeting by leaving Shu with a transmitter, which he is to use when he is with Gai. He mentions Inori in passing and implies he will approach her next if Shu refuses. Back in his cell, Shu contemplates his predicament when a guard informs him his lawyer has arrived. Shu enters the conference room to sit face-to-face with Gai.

Under the identity of Shu’s lawyer “Mason,” he maintains the act until Tsugumi successfully hacks the CC network to kill sound and video surveillance. Gai alerts the rest of the team to remain on standby as he begins explaining the mission to free Kido when Shu snaps. Gai immediately becomes aware someone has talked to Shu. As Shu questions Gai’s motivations, the emergency alert system triggers and Gai gives the green light to commence the operation. The conflict begins and Gai tells Shu to decide whether he will act or continue to hesitate.

Filled with doubt, Shu wavers until he hears Inori’s voice via transmission, who tells him she is on her way. Against Gai’s orders, she has infiltrated the holding facility on her own initiative and secured the coordinates of his holding cell in a bid to rescue him. Deciding to make a break for it, Shu leaves to meet up with Inori. Gai informs Shibungi of the change in plans, declaring he will act alone to secure Kido Kenji (who at that moment is in the process of being transferred to another location) and instructs Ayase to provide back-up for Inori and Shu instead.







As he navigates the labyrinthine corridors, Shu is almost captured before Ayase finds him. Making their way outside, their path is blocked by Endlave ground forces, forcing Ayase to send Shu to take cover while she sorties with the enemy. Gai obtains visual confirmation of Kido as he is being moved and brings him down to ground level within mere yards of Shu, who makes eye contact with Kido after his mask slips off. Remembering Gai’s plan, Shu rushes forward and draws Kido’s Void: a strange gun that manipulates the specific gravity of its intended target. He is able to dispatch several foes but as the weapon takes considerable time to release its charge, he is quickly surrounded.

Only My Railgun...

Inori arrives and Shu, redirecting the gravitational pulse on a nearby water fountain, climbs the time-seized column of water to meet her in the air. Though unsure of Gai, he trusts Inori and draws her Void. On sighting Shu, Segai executes a soldier just as he is about to fire on him, awestruck as he witnesses him use the Power of Kings. With Inori safe in hand, Shu handily annihilates the remaining Endlave attack force as the facility burns to a gutted heap of smoldering rubble.

Afterwards, with Inori in tow, Shu surrenders Kido to Gai’s custody as the latter once again invites Shu to join Undertaker on the condition he follow orders without question. In the end, Shu accepts but holds on to Segai’s transmitter as they withdraw.


I enjoyed this episode immensely for a number of reasons, among them the characterization of Segai. You could tell from his introduction last episode he represents an altogether very different menace from Daryl, who doesn’t seem to care about anything so long as he’s able to kill something, protocol and circumstances be damned.

Segai proves a cunning and resourceful enemy, whose subtle tactics easily overwhelm the naive and inexperienced Shu. Granted, there’s hardly anything noteworthy about a highly-trained military tactician trapping a high-school freshman in his psychological web but I appreciate a villain whose brain is sufficiently hard-wired he doesn’t have to rely on the conditioned reflex of using brute force alone.

Now that he’s planted the seeds of doubt, all he has to do is wait. Unfortunately, so do we. A week is a long time!


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