Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai Episode 4


Kodaka’s stalker is revealed, and a mad scientist makes her entrance. For those who enjoy the thrill of mecha in the heat of fierce engagement, you’re about to get your fix. Sort of. Subtitles in select screencaps for your amusement.

Ave Maria

One afternoon, Kodaka visits the clubroom to find a young girl in a nun’s habit sleeping there. Kodaka is puzzled at the sight of an elementary school-age child dressed as a sister until Yozora and Sena arrive. The girl awakens and recoils at the sight of Yozora, accusing her of duping her out of the clubroom (which she had been using previously as her personal nap area). Yozora introduces the girl as Takayama Maria-sensei (Iguchi Yuka), one of the resident sisters of St. Chronica and the Neighbors Club’s official faculty sponsor, a position Maria claims Yozora also tricked her into in order to get the club established.

Maria attempts to reassert her claim on the room by renouncing her role as sponsor, an act that effectively dissolves the club, but Yozora appeals to her desire to be treated like an adult to trick her into remaining club sponsor and maintain the status quo. She further manipulates Maria into daily housekeeping responsibilities for the clubroom and other menial tasks, as Kodaka and Sena look on, at a loss for words.

Shortly after, Kodaka confesses to Yozora and Sena that lately he feels he is being watched, almost as though someone were stalking him. His fears are met with derision from Sena, who mocks him but Yozora pledges the club’s assistance to help catch the stalker. They accompany Kodaka as he patrols the school grounds, eliciting stares and uneasy glances from their peers, which Yozora and Sena misinterpret as the staring Kodaka had been anxious about. Frustrated at their lack of perception, he raises his voice in an effort to correct them and incidentally puts every student to flight within a half-mile radius, emptying the grounds of all student activity.

Wait. Isn't that every man's wish?

Returning indoors, Kodaka again senses the presence of an unseen person watching and baits him into revealing himself. Kodaka looks down to see a short, effeminate-looking boy sprawled on the floor. Misunderstanding Kodaka’s actions as extortion, the boy reaches into his back pocket and holds out his wallet, to Kodaka’s severe annoyance. At the clubroom, he introduces himself as Kusunoki Yukimura (Yamamoto Nozomi), a freshman. He admits to being the person who has been stalking Kodaka, explaining he has been the target of bullying. He wishes to learn how to become strong like Kodaka, whom he perceives as a lawless rogue who lives by his own will, defiant of authority, taking what he wants and doing as he pleases.

Yozora approves of his motivation to become more manly and allows him to “learn the ways of men” from Kodaka, recruiting him as a member of the club. She then advises him on how to become an effective “underling” and he subsequently starts calling Kodaka “aniki,” furnishing him at lunchtime with food, manga and other tributes of respect. The act further cements Kodaka’s reputation as a “yankee” in the eyes of his peers. He rushes after Yukimura into the hallway to put a stop to the antics but in passing the Science Lab, he is startled to hear a sudden explosion. He peers into the smoke-filled room to see a girl lying on the floor, unconscious. He quickly rescues her from the noxious fumes and deposits her in the school infirmary. A short time later, the girl tracks him back to his classroom and introduces herself:

She LOOKS normal but...

Shiguma Rika (Fukuen Misato), a first year who prefers to refer to herself in third person. Although her life was not in danger, she insists had Kodaka not acted, she would have met with a very… “sticky fate.” The mere thought causes her to go into fits of ecstasy. With no reservations whatsoever, a very uninhibited Rika begins loudly fantasizing in graphic detail in the middle of the classroom.

She becomes so excited Kodaka has no choice but to lead her to an empty stairwell. Away from the classroom, Rika insists on repaying Kodaka somehow, immediately taking interest in him (and his DNA -interpret that how you will) before returning to class in the Science Lab.

Boy, you're gonna carry that weight...

In the clubroom, Yukimura continues catering to Kodaka, although now dressed as a maid. Yozora explains it is part of a regimen of “special training” to become more manly, which he should strive to emanate regardless of what he happens to be wearing. Sena recognizes Shiguma Rika is a genius who has been employed in making new software and pharmaceuticals since elementary school; she attends St. Chronica with special consideration from the headmaster that allow her to be excused from normal classroom instruction in favor of working in the Science Lab made just for her.

Hearing of Kodaka’s membership in the Neighbor’s club, Rika enters the clubroom and announces her intention to join. Although skeptical at first, Yozora approves her application, which thrills Rika to the prospect of seeing Kodaka on a regular basis.

Which brings us to Rika’s other interests and the nature of the kind of reading material she enjoys. She unfurls a “dirty magazine” she has been carrying around to reveal what really gets her off. Two words: MECHA PORN. Again, subtitles included for your amusement.

At least the girl knows she’s broken.

If anyone is looking for a “sex friend,” Rika is game. No, really she is. See?

Just so long as you know Kodaka is her #1.


Inoue Marina has been great so far in her role as the tough, manipulative shrew Yozora. She’s one of the seiyuu I’ve always wanted to see more of. I just really like her voice. She has great expressive range, pulling off moe and yandere with equal ease. I’ve always enjoyed her comedic roles (some more than others) but her performance here is quickly becoming one of my favorites. Perhaps she’d taken notes from the Sawashiro School of Deadpan during their stint together at another Catholic school featuring characters of deliberately-ambiguous gender, but I think Fukuen Misato steals the show in this episode. Any seiyuu who can pull off portraying a character with such an outlandishly-bizarre fetish deserves major props.

All the major players have been introduced but perhaps there’s yet another member waiting to join the club…


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