Persona 4 The Animation Episode 4


Returning to the world of Shadows, Chie leads the way with Yu and Yosuke providing support as they continue their search for Yukiko.

Reaching a grand staircase, they catch up to Yukiko’s doppelganger in the same princess costume seen in the earlier Midnight Channel broadcast. Chie demands to see the real Yukiko. The double retreats deeper into the inner corridors, but they must dispose of a group of Shadows before they can continue their pursuit.

Elsewhere, Yukiko recalls an incident when two guys starting hitting on her at school, pressuring her to go out with them just as Chie arrives to drive them off. Relieved, Yukiko thanks her for always being there for her. Awakening, Yukiko looks up to hear the voice of her doppelganger recounting how much Yukiko values Chie as a friend.

A birdcage rolls down the nearby steps towards her, reminding her of the orphan chick she found one day by the side of the road and raised to adulthood. Day by day, the bird quickly became a source of some measure of comfort for her in a busy life occupied by long hours helping support her family’s ryokan and her school-life, when at times she didn’t have time even for Chie.

One day, Yukiko returns to her room to find the cage empty and the bird nowhere to be found. Her sympathetic companion in a life of stifling confinement and unchanging routine had vanished.

One day after having to turn Chie down yet again, the latter encourages Yukiko not to be discouraged in her position as heir of her family’s business and offers to help her any way she can; although Yukiko is glad to have Chie’s constant support, she is inwardly disappointed at the remark. Yukiko’s Shadow taunts her, indicating that moment as the time she realized Chie would not help free her from her plight.

Yukiko’s Shadow then reveals herself to her face-to-face as Chie and company arrive. Voicing her disappointment in Chie as her prince, the Shadow attacks Chie. Yu covers for her with a new Persona Margaret alerts him he now has access to before the Shadow incapacitates the group and their Personae. Yukiko denies her Shadow, allowing it to increase in power and transform into its true form, an immense harpy-like entity raining fire and bedlam until Yu summons Pyro Jack to absorb the brunt of the attack and contain as much of the fire as possible.

Yu initiates contact with the Shadow, galvanizing Chie as she makes her way through the inferno to reach Yukiko, confessing her jealousies and shortcomings as a friend while encouraging her to find the courage to trust herself and live the way she wants. Encouraged, Yukiko breaks free of the cage and embraces Chie. Yu, Yosuke, and Chie work together to bring down the Shadow, allowing Yukiko to make peace with her inner Shadow and gain her own Persona.


And with this, Yukiko has officially joined the cool kids club, allowing the foursome to forge yet stronger bonds and upgrade their strengths and abilities even further. As I mentioned previously in my review of the first episode, I don’t know anything about the game so the lack of a clear-and-present antagonist seems somewhat strange to me.

The caged bird leitmotif prevalent throughout the episode and the color red (as referenced in the previous episode) gives us fairly good insight into Yukiko’s personality and her overall disposition. What comes off as passivity and shyness may in fact merely be part of her way of coping with her less-than-ideal life bound by tradition and filial duty for taking responsibility for the family business; the frustrations which may have developed in response to the menial daily routine ultimately gave rise to her Shadow self.

Yearning, boundless desire and a restless spirit bound up in a world dictated by the cold confines of a steel-wrought cage: Amagi Yukiko, break free and live.

Next week, Kujikawa Rise (Kugimiya Rie) makes her debut.


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