Mirai Nikki Episode 4


Horrified by what he has just seen at Yuno’s, Yuki holes up in the sanctuary of his room, debating whether to inform the police. He starts dialing Inspector Kurusu but is interrupted by an incoming text from Yuno, who anticipates the move. Yuki grimly realizes he has no way of escaping her. Kurusu arrives the following morning, awakening Yuki from a failed all-night vigil. He tries to tell the inspector what he saw the night before but Yuno’s unexpected presence forces him to abandon the idea.

In the car, Kurusu informs him Ninth Future Journal owner Uryuu Minene has been apprehended and is being held at the shrine of the Sacred Eye, a religious cult. As Kurusu negotiates permission to enter the grounds, Yuki tries to mask his nervousness in front of Yuno. Knowing he cannot act without her knowledge, he tries to determine whether she would resort to killing him to conceal her dark secret. The outsiders, Yuki in particular, attract the interest of a cloaked, shadowy figure watching them via unknown means from within the compound. They are soon escorted to meet the Sacred Eye and shrine oracle in person. As they enter, the figure recognizes Yuki as the First Future Journal owner and reacts to Yuno with supreme disgust.

Inside, they meet the cloaked figure who had been observing the group in secret since their arrival: Kasugano Tsubaki (Sendai Eri) introduces herself as the leader of the Sacred Eye cult and Sixth Future Journal owner. With the Clairvoyance Journal, she is able to foresee distant events, making use of her followers’ eyes as her own.

Tsubaki tries to reassure Kurusu’s misgivings by renouncing any desire to become a god herself. She alerts them to Minene’s presence downstairs and reveals her journal has reached a Dead End. She offers Minene to Kurusu to do with as he sees fit but only in exchange for Yuki, because he has managed to survive two Dead End flags. Yuno immediately rejects the offer and Kurusu carefully weighs the options; in the end, it is decided Yuki will remain at the compound overnight. Tsubaki warns Yuki against Yuno, whom she prophesies will bring about Yuki’s doom should he not heed her warning. A jealous Yuno watches from afar. Between her journal and reading Yuki’s troubled glances, she learns his conversation with Tsubaki is causing him to lose trust in her. She quickly decides she has no choice but to kill Tsubaki.







An unseen saboteur sparks a sudden fire in Tsubaki’s chambers, changing the entries for all the Future Journal holders present. Though cult members rush to put out the blaze, the flames only grow stronger. Strangely, as though possessed, the cult followers begin killing each other off as the fire steadily continues to spread.

When Yuki tries to save Tsubaki from the fire, Yuno pleads with him not to go. Fearing Yuno may very well turn on him should he listen to her, Yuki denounces her as crazy and hurries to do what he can to save Tsubaki. Though he forces his way inside with an axe, the fire is quenched when the sprinkler system is activated. Tsubaki, drenched but otherwise unharmed, shouts at the addled cult members who then begin coming back to their senses.

Unable to accept what Yuki has just said, Yuno concludes he is being brainwashed and concludes she must dispose of Tsubaki her herself. Yuki questions Tsubaki, who voices her suspicions the cult members were being controlled by means of hypnosis and realizes her Clairvoyance Journal’s weakness has been discovered. Twelfth Future Journal holder Hirasaka Yomotsu turns out to be the one who brought Minene to Sacred Eye, holding her in ward underground. In a bid to gain an advantage in the Survival Game, he has been manipulating the actions of cult members, as Tsubaki suspects, by means of hypnosis.

Yuki tries calling Kurusu, who was strangely absent during the fire and carnage, to no avail. As Tsubaki believes the one responsible is still on the property, she puts her Clairvoyance Journal to use. They quickly find evidence of enemies on the premises in one entry, but soon the journal is overrun with reports of intruders within the compound. Below, Yomotsu prepares to renew his attack, donning his full costume as, above, Yuno demands Tsubaki let Yuki go.

Yomotsu declares himself a force of righteousness, whose “righteous” extermination plan cannot be foiled by “evil.” Minene scoffs, remarking Yuno’s abnormality will help her foil it. In what appears to clearly be a fit of insanity, Yuno begins hacking the scores of cult members’ corpses littering the room: the “corpses” are not actually dead. As the bodies of the cultists “come back to life,” Yuno urges Yuki to choose: to join her and live or choose to stay with Tsubaki and die with her.








What happened to Inspector Kurusu? Midway through the episode, he just seemed to disappear in all the commotion.

Considering what type of series this is, I shouldn’t be surprised to find Mirai Nikki is filled with a mob of truly, truly, messed-up characters. While doing routine research on the anime when it first started airing, I unintentionally spoiled myself regarding some plot elements and certain character background details – Tsubaki, Sixth Future Journal holder, included. As one might suspect, she is not exactly what she seems. While not every character suffers from some kind of severe antisocial personality disorder, this is not a happy world and these are definitely not the kind of people one hopes to find oneself at the mercy of.

I’m not ruined for the series by any means but I can’t help but anticipate certain developments on Yuki’s end and how the anime will bear out the consequences of certain revelations between Yuki and Yuno when the time comes. In the meantime, There Will Be Blood. Lots of blood.


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