Guilty Crown Episode 3


Presenting the Usual Suspects

In the wake of the incident at Roppongi, Gai and the Undertakers formally declare their existence to the world and their open challenge to GHQ’s authority over Japan, prompting GHQ to issue a public call for anyone with information related to the Undertakers to report it immediately. At Shu’s school, Inori makes a big splash in her first day on the scene as the instantly-popular bishoujo tenkousei. After all, she is the frontwoman of (apparently universally) popular band Egoist. Puzzled, Shu wonders to himself why Inori has transferred to his school after he turned down Gai’s invitation to join Undertaker, but stops short of asking her directly.

After school, Shu arrives home resolved to refrain from any further involvement with Inori, only to find she has personal access to his apartment and has already deposited her belongings there. She has taken up residence at his place for his own protection. Shu’s mother Ouma Haruka turns out to be a senior Sephirah Genomics researcher working closely with Keido Shuichiro (Inoue Kazuhiko), most likely Director or Lead Researcher of Genomics research, in the GHQ investigation to find the lost Void Genome and deal with the aftermath of the skirmish with Undertaker in Roppongi. Keido informs his superiors he has tasked Undertaker-related affairs to Major Makoto Waltz Segai (Canna Nobutoshi), a resourceful, intelligent officer specializing in hunting targets and was able to successfully figure out the Norma Gene genetic drug distribution network.

Yahiro, worried about Shu’s strange behavior at school earlier, shows up on Shu’s doorstep and asks him whether anything happened the day before. Soon, Inori steps out and at her request has Shu come along with her downtown. Eventually, they meet Gai, who recruits Shu to help find the identity of “Sugar,” A Norma Gene dealer who had witnessed the Undertaker operation and who has been determined to be a student at Shu’s school. His single clue is the knowledge of what Sugar’s Void is, which he has already divulged to Inori, leading Shu to conclude Gai has the ability to discern a person’s Void on sight. Gai warns Shu that Sugar is a threat not only to Undertaker but to his peaceful life as a student as well. Shu reluctantly agrees.

With Inori’s help, he embarks on a school-wide search, with no other feasible method available to him than to physically draw each student’s Void one-by-one. In a botched first attempt, Shu unintentionally gropes class representative Kusama Kanon (Kotobuki Minako), an incident which seals his reputation as a pervert school-wide, much to his chagrin. Fleeing to safety, Inori explains why he failed and helps him overcome his fear of eye-contact.

After spending all day trying to find the correct Void, Shu finally learns the Void they are looking for take the form of shears. Just as Kusama catches up with them, Yahiro helps Shu avoid her wrath by taking cover in the gym. Yahiro gives himself away and Shu calls him out, revealing his identity as Sugar. With no more reason to hide his true personality, Yahiro attacks Shu who draws Yahiro’s Void in desperation. With Yahiro effectively subdued, Inori prepares to eliminate the threat but Shu will not allow it. Trusting Shu’s judgment, Inori relents. When he awakens, Yahiro makes a truce with Shu, with both promising not to reveal the secrets of the other.

On the railway, Inori asks Shu whether she can stay with him forever. The line comes to a screeching halt. The doors open and Shu is shoved through onto the platform, which is crowded with waiting GHQ troopers. Shu turns just in time to see Yahiro apologize before the doors close; he watches as the train pulls away and shouts after Yahiro, not yet comprehending his predicament. Just then, Major Segai walks up and places Shu under arrest.


They only mention Inori is a member of Egoist every five minutes, so in case you’ve forgotten in between the time you first started reading this post and now, I’ll tell you again. Inori. Is THE Inori. From Egoist.

We all knew Yahiro was going to betray him in the end but then Shu’s logic for sparing him was just horribly, woefully-wrong to begin with. Even if Shu had been feeling lazy enough to not want to think for himself, Gai had already given him plenty of reasons but Shu decided he didn’t want Yahiro’s efforts of constructing a completely false but painstakingly crafted and carefully maintained facade to go to waste? Not trying to nitpick here but that kinda seems like a non sequitur to me. Despite the plot holes, Guilty Crown still has so much else going for it. Like the villains. Segai looks like a real bastard. I wonder what sort of havoc he’ll wreak on Undertaker in the weeks to come.


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