Mirai Nikki Episode 3


Plea of temporary insanity: Yuno is almost desirable in the first half of this episode. And I forgot to mention how scary she is in the OP in last week’s entry.


Minene narrates a short prologue at the beginning of the episode, recalling how she believed in the existence of God as a child -until war robbed her of her parents. The vividness of the memory jolts Minene awake as she lies in hiding in a remote, derelict building somewhere in the city. Meanwhile, Inspector Kurusu, Fourth Future Journal holder, appeals to Yuki and Yuno for their cooperation in initiating the plan to put an end to the Survival Game. Together, they review the known identities of those in possession of Future Journals collectively encountered thus far; subsequently, Kurusu insists discovering the identities of the other Future Journal holders is of crucial importance to success. Moreover, Kurusu places the capture of Ninth Future Journal holder Minene as a mission priority.

Kurusu informs the pair that school will have to be put on hold for a time and requests they act as bait to draw Minene into the open while under surveillance of his own unit within the department. Thus Yuki and Yuno spend a day in leisurely recreation at a local amusement park. For her part, Yuno is intent on enjoying herself and the time she gets to spend together with Yuki; Yuki, however, is vaguely unsettled by Yuno, as he still doesn’t know the reason why she follows him and can’t shake the feeling that she is hiding still something more from him. As the day wears on he grows more determined to get answers for his questions.

With nightfall, Minene decides to make her move. On the street, she uses her Escape Journal to map an escape route but her entries change due to the influence of another Future Journal user nearby. Attracting the attention of two cops who otherwise would not have noticed her, Minene is forced to flee.

At the amusement park, Yuno continues to drag Yuki around, this time to the haunted house. Seeing her genuinely scared, Yuki wonders if Yuno is a regular girl underneath it all. After some obligatory fanservice in the pool, Yuno suggests visiting the planetarium next, but Yuki immediately rejects the idea an they opt for the Ferris Wheel instead. High above the ground, Yuki decides he must put the nagging misgivings that have been troubling him to rest. When he asks Yuno why she insists on hanging around him, she in turn asks Yuki why he avoided the planetarium earlier, revealing he had told her about his dream to see the stars with his family and that she had promised to become his bride. Though he questions her directly whether she is keeping anything from him, she only gently replies that that is her “secret.”

They are caught in a sudden downpour as they walk home and at Yuno’s invitation, Yuki agrees to stop in for a bit. On the run, Minene is approached by the mysterious Future Diary user who is careful to keep himself in the shadows. He volunteers to help her though Minene remains wary of his motives. Inside Yuno’s house, the rooms are dark and strangely quiet. Yuno explains the lights are out due to power failure, an explanation Yuki accepts without a second thought. While waiting for her to return from peeling an apple in the kitchen, Yuki decides to find the bathroom.

The unknown Future Journal user, now equipped with a bag over his head to hide his identity, brings Minene to a secluded cabin in a wooded area outside the police search radius. When questioned by Minene, he refers to himself as an agent of his own brand of justice. He is soon revealed to be a strange, hooded figure in black, the Twelfth Future Journal owner Hirasaka Yomotsu, who proceeds to torture Minene for information on the First Journal user’s identity.

Yuki makes his way down the corridor using his cellphone for flashlight, pausing outside a suspicious room. His curiosity gets the better of him as he slides back the door, causing the causality continuum within the boundaries set by Deus to break down and dramatically altering the futures of all Future Journal owners. Terrified at the grim sight, Yuki runs home in a mad panic, locking the door behind him. To his horror, Yuno has followed him to his house and bids him good night through the mailslot.

Lots of arm-glomping and cleavage on Yuno’s part in the earlier part of this episode, with the girl coming off as almost normal. For a couple seconds I thought I was watching the wrong show, but if there’s one thing Mirai Nikki is NOT, it’s a light-hearted, rose-colored VN turned anime.

I was wondering: even if Yuki hadn’t looked inside the taped-over room, wouldn’t he have detected the sarcophagal smell, as the two bodies in the bedroom were in fairly advanced stages of necrosis? or perhaps Yuno used something to forensically conceal the odor of decayed flesh, even though she didn’t bother with disposing of the corpses in any meaningful way. Something tells me I may be better off not knowing…


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