Persona 4 The Animation Episode 2


So. When was the last time you saw a TV that looked like this?

Dawn brings a new day to Inaba, and out of the murky depths of the dense morning fog comes a gruesome discovery: another body, this time a high-school age girl, who bears a disturbing resemblance to Konishi Saki.

The previous day, Yosuke and Yu rouse Chie from unconsciousness after defeating the Shadows. Yosuke asks Yu about his Persona, an entity of which Yu himself admits he knows next to nothing. Anxious to leave, Chie prompts them to quickly try to find their way out. At the entry point, they once again encounter the bear-like creature (Kuma-san, if you will) who conjures a trio of CRT TV sets. Before they can get any answers to their questions, they are unceremoniously shoved through the screens, sending them back to the real world.

Back in June’s, they arrive unharmed. Curious, Yu spots a familiar poster: the same he saw back in the Shadow world. Chie recognizes the woman in the poster as Hiiragi Misuzu, the cuckolded woman whose husband had had an affair with the now-deceased news announcer Yamano Mayumi. Yu hypothesizes the room in the Shadow world may have some connection to the news announcer’s death. The idea causes both Yosuke and Chie to lose their nerve, and the group each go their separate ways.

The next day, Chie and Yukiko are walking to school when Yukiko is accosted by a strange, disheveled man waiting outside the school gates. His erratic manner and aggressiveness towards Yukiko make both girls uncomfortable, and despite Chie’s protests he continues pushing his unwanted advances. With Yukiko’s rejection, he’s forced to leave and Yu and Yosuke show up seconds later. As they arrive in class, sirens blare in the distance, possibly heralding another “accident.”

Later, the faculty call a school-wide assembly, where they announce the death of Konishi Saki. The news devastates Yosuke, who had harbored a crush on Saki. After the dismissal, Yu and Chie try to comfort the distraught Yosuke, who mentions he saw Saki on the Midnight Channel the evening prior. Yosuke remarks the way Saki died was very similar to the previous death, causing Yu to give voice to Yosuke’s theory that whoever is shown on the Midnight Channel becomes a victim and that the world in the television is somehow related to the murders. Yosuke further reasons that Saki and Yamano Mayumi may be in the world through the television screens.

The group returns to June’s sales floor, contrary to Chie’s objections. As Yosuke ties a rope around his waist to tether himself to the real world, Yu volunteers to go along with him; they entrust the end of the rope to the reluctant Chie. Unfortunately, when they pass through the screen, the rope breaks, causing Chie fall to her knees in anguish.

On the other side, Yu and Yosuke again meet Kuma-san, who accuses them of being suspicious persons -the culprits who have been sending people over from the real world whenever the fog lifts. Kuma-san explains that fog in the real world causes the fog in his realm to clear up; Yu observes that the murders both occurred on foggy days.

Kuma-san provokes Yosuke into trying to remove his “costume” to show his himself, only to find literally nothing underneath Kuma-san’s “head.” Kuma-san pardons the pair but in return asks them to find and stop the ones responsible for the body traffic. Yu quickly agrees, and Yosuke receives his own pair of special glasses. Kumakichi (as Yosuke calls him) leads them to the shopping district, where Yosuke confirms Saki as the last person Kumakichi saw come through from the real world. Ahead, Yosuke spots Saki’s house and, hearing strange voices, runs off to investigate.







Inside one of the shops, Yosuke finds the ticket he had given to Saki lying torn on the ground. Her displaced voice taunts him. Suddenly, Yosuke’s doppelganger emerges from the shadows. The double immediately launches a psychological attack on Yosuke’s insecurities, from his crush on Saki to his hidden dissatisfaction with small-town life in general. Shedding its human appearance, the doppelganger transforms into its true form: a powerful Shadow that towers over them. In response, Yu summons his Persona, drawing the attention of the Shadow’s physical attacks. The Shadow continues to verbally harass Yosuke however, claiming he maintains an upbeat personality because he fears being alone. Unwilling to accept the shadow as a part of him, Yosuke tries to flee the scene only to be struck down.

Other Shadows begin to seep through into the environment, steadily corrupting the surroundings; and Yosuke’s Shadow further claims Yosuke sought attention from Saki only as a means of escape from boredom. Yu senses what needs to be done and questions whether Yosuke really loved Saki. Facing his fears and admitting the truth, Yosuke confesses he honestly cared for Saki and admits he didn’t want to accept reality. Taking advantage of the opening, Yu cuts down the Shadow with his Persona. The Shadow dissipates, leaving the doppelganger neutralized. Having come to terms with his insecurities and accepted them, Yosuke gains his own Persona.

Returning to the real world, Yu and Yosuke find Chie waiting. Relieved at the sight of them, she breaks down in tears and forces both of them to buy her food as compensation. Returning home, Yosuke thanks Yu and confides that he feels at ease knowing he can rely on him to help find the culprit. After the credits, Yu is watching TV at home and is startled to see Yukiko being interviewed by reporters…

This episode helped confirm a definitive connection between the real world and the world of the Shadows, although there’s alot more left to be explained (not to mention additional protagonists to work into the plot) before the main party can truly get down to business. The incident with the stalker waiting for Yukiko outside school seems almost unnecessary in the context of the episode’s events; however, I’ll add that even random, seemingly superfluous details might become crucial later. His creepiness is reason enough to suspect him of foul play. Moreover, considering the fact there is an active, ongoing murder investigation, he isn’t doing himself any favors with this kind of behavior. Of course, he could just be a red herring slipped in to distract us from other details.

I’m not sure what happens in the game but it’s obvious the protagonist is steadily building his party, which is always essential for success in any RPG/adventure. It seems Chie is on-deck for getting her Persona next week. Personally, I’m waiting for Shirogane Naoto (Paku Romi) to show up.


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