Fall 2011 Anime Preview – Working’!!, Ika Musume, and Kimi to Boku


The 2011 fall season has just arrived with many new anime to look into.  I would like to give a brief preview of 3 of the anime starting this season and what their prospects will be. Just note that I give this preview after having watched the first aired episode and with little research into their backgrounds so I can give a frank opinion based just on the first episode.



[note: 2nd season of Working!!]

Same cast, but this time with an apostrophe

Working’!! is the second season of Working!!.  Originally based on 4-panel slice-of-life manga set in Hokkaido about a teenage boy who ends up working at a local family style restaurant called Wagnaria, Working’!! continues this boy’s adventures.

However, to me, that’s not really important.  What I do pay attention to is the way they titled the second season.  Working!! (first season,) Working’!! (second season.)  Did you notice the difference?  That’s right an apostrophe before the double exclamation mark.  I guess that’s what you get for cornering yourself with a double exclamation mark in the title.  If you add another exclamation mark [e.g. Working!!!], you end up making it looking like it was the third season.  However, with the apostrophe I didn’t even realize that this WAS the second season.  I not only did not take into account of the apostrophe until much later but after having viewed the first episode, I realized that there was barely any new content at all.  It wasn’t until I heard the new opening theme that I was assured that this was indeed a new season.  Unfortunately, other than the new opening and ending themes, if you have been wanting something new from the second season there will be none.  If you wanted something like the first season, just go watch the first season.

If you haven’t watched the first season (Working!!) then you might as well skip and watch this one.  And if you picked out the wrong season because the apostrophe is so easily missed, don’t worry.  I guarantee that you are not missing out on anything as it appears that both seasons will most likely be identical.

Prospect: Low


Shinryaku!? Ika Musume (侵略!? イカ娘) [lit. Invade!? Squid Girl]

[note: 2nd season of Shinryaku! Ika Musume]

Shinryaku!? Ika Musume

I clearly love shows that plays around with the exclamation marks and question marks.  For the sake of simplicity, I’ll just refer to this show in the future as Ika Musume 2nd season.  It is another manga based comedy series with each of the episodes divided into 3 separate not-necessarily-related stories.

The new season doesn’t deviate much from the first season and all the characters from the previous season are reintroduced in a less in your face manner. (Working’!! did the opposite through a tedious re-introduction)  If you enjoyed the first season, you will probably like this one too.  It is more or less an extension of the first season and it doesn’t look as if anything more will be added.

Prospect: Medium


Kimi to Boku (君と僕) [lit. You and I]

Yes, that's a dude brushing a dude's hair

I have this theory about anime with “boku” (a lesser formal Japanese word for “I” used almost strictly by males) in the title.  They are almost always yaoi.  Despite what I say about this show, you should keep the word “almost” in mind as I have no clue what this show is about or what it is leading the viewers into.

At a glimpse it is most assuredly a shoujo yaoi anime due the many male characters having as much of their individual hair strands drawn.  Signs of yaoi will bash you over the head nonstop throughout the entire first episode.  The show itself is a typical high school story surrounding four 2nd year (Junior year in the US) students wandering about.  More than likely, you’ll be wondering about their sexual orientation.

I don’t know where to go with this show.  Kimi to Boku will be that show that I watch just to figure out what it’s about.  I’ll let you people know more if I ever find out.

Prospect: ?


I’m hoping that Kujou-san will have better luck finding decent anime this season.  I’ll be back if I find others that are of interest for previews.


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